What I Love About Periscope

9 Reasons Leaders Should Adopt Twitter’s Amazing New Video App ASAP

If I tweeted something about periscope four months ago, virtually everyone would think I was talking about submarines. But today over 10 million people know I’m talking about Twitter’s hottest new app, the social media video platform Periscope.

Periscope got off the ground in March for iPhone and May for Android. There are always new developments in social media, and as a blogger, online entrepreneur, and the founder of Platform University, I keep tabs on what’s working and why.

At first I watched from a distance. But then about two weeks ago I noticed several of my friends were experimenting with Periscope. Derek Halpern said he initially thought it was dumb. But it didn’t take long for him to revise his opinion. Now he says it’s the next big thing.

On the flip side, Chris Brogan called Periscope “the least interesting thing I’ve seen.” And in a subsequent post, he said his initial position remains unchanged.

I wasn’t sure until I watched one of my friend Chalene Johnson’s “scopes.” I was immediately hooked and saw the potential to connect with my audience in an entirely new way.

World’s Greatest Leadership Tool?

Periscope just may be the greatest leadership tool ever invented. I said this about Twitter in 2008, but it is even more true of Periscope. Why? Here are nine reasons I love this new medium and think leaders should consider adopting it ASAP.

  1. Super easy-to-use. If you have a phone, you have all the equipment you need. Sure you can add a tripod or special lighting, but you don’t need much. Plus, there are only a few buttons you need to use: Start broadcast and Stop broadcast. It’s too easy not to use.

  2. Deeper conversation. I am using Periscope to discuss my blog posts and podcasts. This gives me an opportunity to lead conversations at a much deeper level than what I can do in those other media. Anyone with a message to share or a vision to cast stands to benefit from this.

  3. More intimate connection. Because Periscope is live, it feels more intimate. As a broadcaster, you get to share more informally and that automatically creates a closer connection. People feel like they get to peer behind the scenes. And intimacy paves the way for greater influence.

  4. Multidimensional communication. I believe in print. I have spent most of my life as a book publisher and more recently as a blogger. However, in the last three years, I have made a major commitment to audio and video. Why? Because it allows me to communicate in a richer, more nuanced way. Periscope builds on that opportunity and takes it to another level.

  5. Immediate feedback. One of the things I first loved about blogging was the ability to get feedback from my readers via the comments. It’s one of the reasons I encouraged leaders of all kinds to blog. But Periscope takes commenting to a whole new level. Feedback happens in real time. And, it’s bidirectional. I can offer more immediate, specific answer to people’s questions. Beyond that, instead of a static “like” or one-time retweet, viewers can applaud with “hearts” whenever they like what they see and hear. That not only keeps me excited but it also lends powerful real-time social proof.

  6. Audience interaction. One of the things I have noticed about Periscope is that the conversation is not not just between me and my viewers. My viewers talk to one another. Periscope provides the ability to reply specifically to other viewers. If you’re trying to build a community and consensus, this is a major opportunity.

  7. Robust community. I find myself developing deep friendships and new friendships with fellow “scopers.” I jump on their broadcasts and promote them on mine. I am noticing a new community developing—and, it involves audience members, too. I notice some of my regular viewers also watch Chalene Johnson, Jon Acuff, Lewis Howes, Andy Traub, and Erik J. Fisher.

  8. Video experience. I used to be terrified of doing video. Well, maybe terrified is too strong of a word, but I certainly wasn’t comfortable with it. I’ve grown more comfortable, but it is still a challenge. However, by using Periscope on a daily basis, I am growing more comfortable with the medium. In fact, I am actually looking forward to it—something I couldn’t have imagined saying just three years ago.

  9. Scalable value. As a leader, my goal is to add value in everything I do. Periscope provides another way to do that. It gives me the opportunity to mentor hundreds and perhaps thousands of people. I could never do that one-on-one. It doesn’t scale. Periscope does.

My Strategy

I’m sharing these nine reasons with you because I’m going all in. I have decided to give Periscope a hard run for thirty days. In fact, I’ve already been doing it all week.

Weekdays at 12:30 CDT, you can tune in and watch my new show, #DailyMentor. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I discuss new blog posts or podcasts and take your questions. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll share whatever I’m thinking about; we recently covered sleep and five characteristics of weak leadership.

I always take some off-topic questions, so if something is on your mind make sure to jump in the conversation and ask. You just need to download the free Periscope app, and you’ll be ready to go. You’ll not only learn what I’m thinking about, but if you’re new to Periscope you’ll hopefully learn some best practices so you can get going right away yourself.

I’m always excited about a chance to go deeper with my audience, and Periscope has made that possible in a new and powerful way.

By the way, you can find my Periscope archives here. I usually post these replays the day of the live show.

Question: Have you tried Periscope yet? If so, what’s your reaction so far? If not, what’s keeping you?

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I discussed this post LIVE on Periscope with hundreds of my readers. I answered questions and offered additional thoughts about this topic.

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