What Matters Now: A Free eBook from Seth Godin (and a Few Friends)

Every year at about this time, Time magazine and a few other periodicals run special issues on what to expect in the coming year. They typically invite various experts and pundits to share their views of the future.

Seth Godin decided he wanted to do something similar and distribute it electronically. So, several weeks ago, he invited about 70 of us to write a page for an eBook called What Matters Now. He asked each of us to write a brief article (no more than 200 words) with a single word as the title. I wrote on the topic of “Vision” (see p. 15).

The good news is that the PDF is free. You can view it in the embedded Scribd player above or you can download it here. Inside you will find articles by such writers as:

… and many others. The goal of the book is to demonstrate that big thoughts and small actions make a difference. I couldn’t agree more and am honored to be included in this esteemed group.

Question: What do you think will be important next year?
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