Why I Am (Still) Excited About Christian Retail

Last Saturday, April 12, I spoke to Christian Retailers at our inaugural Open House event. It was video-taped, and you can watch it here if you are interested.

If you can’t see this video in your RSS reader or email, then click here.

Because the file was so large, I had to upload it as five separate videos. The total length is 40 minutes or so. However, if you click on the link above, it will play all five videos as a YouTube “playlist,” with each video playing one after the other.

If you would rather just listen to an audio track of the presentation, you can do so here. You can either click on the link and start playing it or, you can right-click it, download it to your computer, import it into iTunes and put it on your iPod. (I wish I knew of a single-click way to do that. It sounds more complicated than it really is.)

I am posting it here at the request of numerous retailers who attended our conference and wanted a copy of what I had said. If you just want a list of the 10 reasons, without my comments, here they are:

  1. The need has never been greater.
  2. The demographics are in our favor.
  3. People are more drawn to spiritual things than ever.
  4. Christianity continues to have enormous visibility in the public square.
  5. Competition has made the surviving retailers stronger.
  6. The economy is forcing everyone to make tough but good decisions.
  7. Some retailers are experiencing real growth (not everyone is struggling).
  8. Christian products have never been better.
  9. Christian retailers are passionate about their mission.
  10. God is at work.
Questions: If you are in the industry, what are some of the reasons you are excited?

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