Why I Ditched My MacBook Air

I have had a love affair with the MacBook Air since I bought my first one in December 2010. I have loved the elegant design and super-thin profile. I upgraded three times in the last four years. It has been the best computer I have ever owned. Until now …

Right before Christmas I happened to be in the Apple Store and had a chance to play with the new 13″ MacBook Pro. I had actually switched from the MacBook Pro originally, so I couldn’t imagine going back. The Air was just so much thinner. But the new MacBook Pros are entirely different machines. Wow.

I ended up special ordering two—one for my wife Gail and one for me. (Since I provide the tech support for our family, I like to have both of us running the same machines.) We received the laptops in early January and have been using them ever since. I haven’t missed my Air one bit.

Here are four reasons why I switched and haven’t looked back.

  1. The MacBook Pro has a Retina screen. The first Retina device I bought was the iPhone 5. The screen quality was amazing. So much so, that I bought an iPad Mini with Retina. These two devices spoiled me.

    When I saw the Retina screen on the MacBook Pro, I knew I had to have it. The difference was dramatic. Even though I have gotten used to it, I am still stunned by the quality, especially when viewing photographs.

  2. The MacBook Pro has more hard drive storage. My Air had 256 GB, which seemed like a lot when I bought it. But with all the media files I produce (especially for Platform University), I eventually ran out of space.

    When I ordered my MacBook Pro, I selected the 1 TB flash drive option. (This size is not available on the Air.) With four times the capacity of my Air, I can keep all my media files on my drive, eliminating the need to connect to an external drive.

  3. The MacBook Pro has more RAM memory. My Air had 4 GB of RAM storage. This was fine for most applications, but I noticed things bogging down when I had too many Chrome tabs open or when I was using several large applications at the same time.

    When I purchased my MacBook Pro, I ordered 16 GB. That has proven more than enough for running Chrome, Adobe Photoshop, and a couple of Microsoft Office programs at the same time.

  4. The MacBook Pro only weighs a half a pound more. This was the clincher for me. The main reason I loved the Air was the weight. It had everything I need in a super-compact case.

    The new MacBook Pro is nearly as thin. And at only a half-pound more, it was easy to justify the additional weight for the added horsepower.

As a writer, my computer is the most important tool I own. The MacBook Pro is not cheap. I spent almost $3,000 per machine. (I ordered the 2.8GHz dual-core processor.) But it has been worth it for me. After almost sixty days, I can say unequivocally, it is the best computer I have ever owned. It represents Apple at its best.

Question: What computer would you buy if money was not an issue?