Winners of the Ecosystem Author Journal

I’m pleased to announce that the following 50 people have won a free copy of the Ecosystem’s Author Journal. You can read about Why I Ditched My Moleskine Journal for the Ecosystem here.

The publisher will send copies out next week to the following people:

Ryan Abel
Dave Anthold
Josh Baker
Clint Barley
John Bogdanski
Jay Caruso
Brett Cohrs
Dru Collie
Linda Condolora
Keith Crawford
Thomas Duff
Sue Duffield
Heather Floyd
Nancy Foulke
Jon Fulk
Lindsay Goodwin
Josh Hale
Judith Heaney-McKee
Robert Iversen
Julie Jarnagin
Jason Kehrer
David Lamb
Gretchen Magruder
Sam Mahlstadt
Jim Martin
Scott Meyer
Andrew Meyers
Jennifer Miller
Brandon Morrell
Marcia Moston
Naomi Musch
Roxanne Nanney
Jeff Randleman
Amy Riep
David Santistevan
Dick Savidge
Scott Seela
Dale Shillington
Chris Sperling
Adam Spriggs
Pam Stephens
Andrew Thomas
Erik Timmons
Phill Tran
Richard Wanjema
James Waugh
Andrew Weber
Kirk Weisler
Morris Wilcox
Preston Woods

If you didn’t win a copy of the Ecosystem’s Author Journal, please consider buying one. You will be glad you did!