Work with Me

I love nothing better than sharing what I have learned with those who are eager to grow. If this sounds like you, we need to connect.

Here are eight ways you can access my knowledge and experience. I have arranged these in order, from those that require the least investment to those that require the most.

  1. Search my site. I have written more than 1,800 blog posts on this site. Chances are, I have already addressed your question or issue. Just use the search box in the upper right-hand corner of this page. My weekly podcasts are another free resource.

  2. Subscribe to my updates. I currently publish two new blog posts a week, along with a new podcast. I write on how to win at work and succeed at life. I cover personal development, productivity, team-building, and influence. By subscribing, you’ll get my latest thinking delivered straight to your inbox. Learn more …

  3. Buy one of my products. You can find them all in my store. They represent my best thinking on various topics, including online influence, publishing, goal-setting, and more. I even sell a premium WordPress theme called the Get Noticed! Theme™. I have several other products in development, including a new book on life planning. Learn more …

  4. Join Platform University®. This is my members-only site, designed to give you the inspiration, training, and resources you need to build your online infuence or take it to the next level. We open registration just twice a year. Add your name to the waiting list, so you don’t miss the opportunity to join. Learn more …

  5. Book me as a speaker. I have been speaking publicly for more than 30 years. I have keynoted hundreds of events for corporations, conferences, trade associations, and churches. However, I have recently cut back on the number of invitations I accept, in order to make room for other priorities. If you have an event you would like me to consider, please visit my speaking page then email Suzie, my assistant.

  6. Join my Inner Circle™. I lead a paid mastermind group for a handful of qualified, high-achievers. It involves face-to-face meetings in Nashville, monthly group video conferences, and individual email coaching. The group is full for 2016, but we will open the 2017 application process again in November. If you would like to be notified in advance, please email Suzie, my assistant.

  7. Hire me as a personal coach. I love one-on-one coaching, but I have limited time available for it. Therefore, I am very selective. I also charge crazy-high fees. But if you think you could benefit from one-on-one interaction with me, email Suzie, my assistant.

  8. Join my team. Want to LOVE what you do? One of my favorite things about our company is that if you work with us, you can dig deep into your desired specialty and grow personally and professionally. You’ll be inspired to pursue out-of-the-box thinking and work with others to achieve wildly important goals. This is where your passion and your expertise combine into the dream job you’ve been looking for. You’ll have quality time for the relationships that matter most — and ample leisure time due to our generous benefits. Working on the weekends is considered a crime! (Well, politely discouraged). In this job, we judge work by output, not by your presence in an office. Plus, our team members are cool people that you would like, respect, and actually want to hang out with in real life. Interested? Come join us.

If you have something else in mind, other than what I have outlined, feel free to e-mail me. Someone on my team would be happy to talk with you.