Zoecity.com: A New Way for Christian Leaders to Stay Up-to-Date

Many people admit to me that they are drowning in information. “How do you keep up?” they ask. “Between email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and, and the constant stream of news, I am overwhelmed. I don’t know what is important and what is trivial.”

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Consider this: new content is being pushed out at an exponential rate. As high-speed broadband becomes commoditized, it is becoming increasingly cheaper to produce and consume content. The Internet is doubling in size every 5.32 years. (Unfortunately, my brain capacity is not doubling in size every 5.32 years!)

On Monday, I had lunch with my friend, Dan Johnson. He introduced me to Rocky Tannehill and Colin Wong, the two entrepreneurs who founded Zoecity.com, a Christian content aggregation site. (Zoe comes from the Greek word for “life.”) The Web site is designed to answer the question, “What is the most important Christian content on the Web?”

Here’s how it works: The Zoecity search engine sifts through thousands of Christian articles. Rather than relying a rating system, Zoecity tracks how often specific content is shared. The premise is that if you share this content with your family or friends, you put your reputation on the line. It is thus more meaningful than content that is merely rated.

In the Zoecity system, shared articles have a higher value than unshared articles. If you can track how much sharing activity exists for any given content via Twitter and Facebook, you can rank its value. Then you can list in priority order the hottest topics, current events, and news that impact Christians. This is precisely what they have created.

As I am writing this, here are the three most-shared Christian articles on the Internet:

Screenshot of Zoecity.com Top Daily Articles

Notice that the Ouija board article is in the top spot. It is being shared more than any other article. It currently has been “shared” 333 times. If you mouseover the “Share” link, it shows you the exact count of how many times the article has been posted on Twitter and shared on Facebook.

Screenshot of Mouseover of Shares

If you click on the Facebook or Twitter buttons, you can share the link to the article with your own network of friends or followers. Simple, elegant, and free.

You can also view the most shared articles for specific time horizons: daily, weekly, and monthly:

Screenshot of Zoecity Time Horizons

Currently, Zoecity is monitoring over 250 Christian websites, including Christianity Today, Christian Post, CrossWalk, Gospel.com, Tangle.com (GodTube), CBN and many prominent Christian bloggers. They will continue to add more websites to their list of sources as they discover them. In fact, you can recommend your favorite Web site.

Zoecity won’t help you keep up with everything, but it will definitely help you keep up with the most important things. As a Christian publisher and blogger, I am especially excited about this new tool.

Question: What do you think of this new service?

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