Creating Your Personal Life Plan

I am a busy executive, husband, father, grandfather, blogger, and Sunday school teacher. I play a lot of roles. I’ll bet you do, too. I am often asked, “How do you get it all done?”

Two words: Life Plan.

Sadly, I have met very few people who have a plan for their life. Most are passive spectators, watching their lives unfold, one day at a time. They are reactive rather than proactive.

They may plan their careers, the building of a new home, or even a vacation. But it never occurs to them to plan their life.

Michael’s e-book is brilliant. Discovering your purpose and acting on it is crucial to becoming who God created you to be. Creating Your Personal Life Plan is POWER-PACKED, simple-to-follow and has the potential to be life-changing!”

Pastor, LifeChurch.TV
Author, Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working

In fact, most people spend more time planning a one-week vacation than they spend planning their life.

I believe that this is why so many people end up discouraged, disillusioned, and wondering what went wrong. They arrived at the wrong destination.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can live your life on purpose by creating your own personal life plan.

Why do you need a life plan? Three reasons:

  1. It will give you clarity about where your life is headed.
  2. It will keep you in balance when things get crazy.
  3. It will give you peace of mind, knowing you are are addressing those aspects of your life that matter most.
With Creating Your Personal Life Plan, Michael Hyatt has fired A LASER BEAM OF FOCUS into a world of uncertainty. Finally, a brightly lit, well-marked pathway for the person who desires true and lasting success!”

New York Times Bestselling Author
The Traveler’s Gift, The Noticer, and The Final Summit

Creating Your Personal Life Plan is not so much an e-book as it is a life planning experience. In the e-book, I will take you through:

  1. A visualization exercise that will give you enormous clarity on what matters most.
  2. A five-step program for identifying where you are NOW, and how to get from here to where you want to be.
  3. A weekly and quarterly process for keeping your life on-plan and moving in the direction of your highest priorities.
  4. Two planning templates, a Word document and a separate Excel document, that will make it easier for you to create your plan and keep it up-to-date.

Creating a Life Plan Cover

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  • Following you since 2005

    Hi Michael,
    The topics that you have covered in this book are precisely what I come back again and again to your blog for. You have done a nice job in packaging all this key content in such a nice format. Great job and Thanks!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Since 2005? Wow. That is what I call LOYAL. I appreciate it.

      • Eric S. Mueller

        I’ve been following about as long. I think I first came across your blog in early 2005.

        • Michael Hyatt

          Amazing. Thanks, Eric.

          • Karla Akins

            Me too.

  • Brett

    My men’s group is about to finish NorthPoint’s Game Plan. I’ve been urging the guys to check out your blog and the Building Champions recordings that are available online.

    We had an assignment to complete the online materials that went with Game Plan (including the Life Plan template they borrowed from you). By far, they all wanted to really dig in to developing their plans (but all mentioned they needed a weekend, not a few minutes here or there during a week).

    I can’t wait to share this resource with them. Thanks for providing it.

    • Michael Hyatt

      You may have noticed in the back that Jeff Henderson at North Point’s Gwinnett campus endorsed the book. He read it and was very encouraging.

      • Brett

        I saw that. He and Andy did a wonderful job w/ that series. The Life Plan piece, to a man, was the item that most in my group hadn’t considered before and really wanted to sink their teeth into.

        • Michael Hyatt

          I am hoping to build a “guided experience” around this where I would lead people through a one-day exercise. It would have videos and a workbook to accompany the book.

          • Todd Hash

            As you build out the product, I would love to learn more about how I might incorporate it into a life coaching curriculum for clients. In fact, I would love to see an option to purchase a traditional hardcopy version or a spiral bound version.

          • Michael Hyatt

            Yes, I am looking at that, too. This is the first step. Thanks!

  • Gina Burgess

    “If I don’t make the effort to work through my own emotional wounds, I end up reacting to others instead of being in a position to minister to them.” Mike this is one of the most poignant and profound statements I’ve read in a very long time. It’s a zinger! I am so looking forward to using this resource over and over again.

  • Christin

    Oh how exciting! I look forward to reading it (and I, for one, really need this as this is something I have been talking about over the past few months). Thank you so much Mr. Hyatt!

  • Janice

    Hi, thank you so much however there was an error and I could not open the file. Don’t know if it was my system? Janice

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am sorry. If you e-mail me at michael dot hyatt at gmail dot com, I will email you another link to try.

  • Nuruddin Abjani

    Michael, at the outset let me tell you that I am an ardent fan of yours since the last year or so and try & read all your posts.

    I am impressed with how you share everything about you with all of us. I have always learnt from how you do things, and then try and follow as much as I can.

    I have just begun to read your ebook. Whatever little I have read till now is OUT OF THIS WORLD!
    Thanks for sharing.

    God bless you, always. And may all your prayers and wishes come true.

    You are making a difference, to people far away from you. I live in Pakistan.
    And if you allow me, I have a friend who recently moved to Canada from Dubai and she read your ‘Seven Better Questions…’ yesterday, a time where she needed these the most. She was so happy and was praying for you. You are a true angel.
    Keep it up, sir.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Wow. That has to be one of the most encouraging comments I have received all week. Thank YOU!

  • Lynette Sowell

    I am looking forward to reading this. When you see someone succeed in business or leadership (at any level), they have definitely mastered some disciplines that are worth learning, even if someone’s not a CEO. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Lynette Sowell

      I should also add…is there something missing between pages 24 and 25? The numbering sequence in the points goes from #3 on page 24 and then jumps to #5 on page 25….or is this my file having an issue? Anyway, so far, so great. Reminds me of the blog posts you wrote quite a while back, but expanded. Thanks again.

      • Michael Hyatt

        Good catch. Somehow, we lost that page. I will have a revised one later tonight. Thanks.

        • Brad Bridges

          Great book, Michael. Planning to utilize parts of it for my own family and work but also with various coaching clients as well who are looking for a tool like this.

          Just fyi: In the bottom right corner on pages 25 and 26, I’m unable to click the arrow to go to the next page. When I change the viewing options to where it shows a thumbnail of every page on the right column, I can use my arrows or mouse to click the next page but still can’t click the thumbnail to move to the next page on pages 25 and 26.

          Also what did you use to create the e-book?

          • Michael Hyatt

            I’ll check that out.

            I used Apple Keynote, then created the hyperlinks in Adobe Acrobat Professional. I plan to blog on this.

  • Mark

    As a follower, husband, daddy, leader, manager, brother, (and them hats just keep on comin’), it’s so easy to forget the objective was to drain the swamp, when I am up to my belt loops in alligators.
    Getting ready to take some long flites. I will work thru this during the whirl of jet rotors, the sense dulling whine of the engines, and the sleep inducing hum of the cabin lights.
    Being one of the poster kids for Adult ADD, just reading all 90 pages was an accomplishment for me. So glad to see from page 52 on was a reprieve.
    The elephant can be eaten “one bite at a time”. (Complete with eating templates)
    Thanks for a doable project. All the hats I wear are gonna look better on me from now on.

  • Kerry Palmer


    I have already devoured a good bit of this ebook in just the last little bit since I downloaded it. It is fantastic!

    My brother pointed me in the direction of your blog just a few weeks ago. I am amazed at what all I’ve learned in such a short time. Thanks so much for this valuable resource!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Kerry! I’m grateful for the encouragement.

  • Richard

    Hi Mr. Hyatt, since 2006 I follow your blog. I’m a bankmanager from The Netherlands. Your Lifeplan posts are great. They made me buy the books of Tim Enochs and Daniel Harkavy. I use their system to encourage my teams and my own leadership. I appreciate Your gift of today very much and I thank you for this.

  • Anne Lang Bundy

    Thank for offering this! Your content is consistently meaningful quality. I look forward to the read.

  • Allen Marsh

    I have read your Life Plan blog entry many times and created my own plan from that. I am excited to read and dig into this resource with even more applications. Thank you for taking the time to create this life changing book. I thought the blog entry was great, but after reading through this e-book I am even more excited to continue this process.

  • Pete Nikolai

    I’ve been longing for the day I can put a plan in place and have the freedom to take action on it. I’m experiencing some changes in my personal life that should create new opportunities to do just that so the release of this book is very timely for me. Thanks!

    P.S. I know a good publisher who might want put it in print… ;-)

    • Michael Hyatt

      I wonder if we have the same publisher in mind?!

  • Rest

    I always assume if you are blogging… and writing… on top of everything else you do, you must be one of the few people that actually do practice what he preaches! I am eager to dive into this book. I’ve been working with a Christian life coach 6 months and it’s been a wonderful boost for my personal life and professional life in ministry. This may be just the tool to not let what I’ve learned and put into place slide back into old habits. Thanks, Michael!

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  • TNeal


    I appreciate the gift of your time and expertise. You’ve added to it some specific direction through your E-book.

    I’ve read the first few pages and look forward to putting pen to paper. I will find an apart time to do something worth doing–mapping out my life and its priorities.

    I respect your leadership and am amazed at how you’ve grown and allowed us to journey with you through your blog.

    Serving the Father-King,

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Tom. I appreciate that.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Tom. I appreciate that.

  • Sara Rassler

    I’ve been reading your blog for over two years now, and I have appreciated every bit of wisdom you’ve taken the time to share with us. As a college student, I almost never get time to read novels because when I finally do have time to read, I don’t remember the first 5 chapters that I previously read and have to start over. However, I read every blog you post because they don’t take a whole lot of time and they help me set priorities and change small things in my life. I have a shorter and simpler version of your Life Plan concept, but after reading this I’m going to take the time to add to it and plan time to regularly revise it. I just sat down and read the whole thing because I knew I’d never get to it if I didn’t read it now, and I’m definitely not sorry! Thank you for taking the time to pack all of this great information in a short ebook that we can all read and receive from. (And especially thank you for spending so many hours on your blog so we can learn from you, and I hope you learn from writing your posts just as we learn from reading them!)

  • Anonymous

    I found your ebook convicting and validating. I don’t know if I’m necessarily a smart person but I do believe in planning and executing. It’s helped me be successful so far. Your ebook is very timely, I need to step it up in a few areas and your transparency gave me some ideas.

    Going through the exercises of your ebook is going to be my next personal project. It’s been a rough 1st quarter. I want to make sure the next 3 quarters aren’t has ‘hair on fire’ for me.

    I also appreciate where you put yourself on your list of priorities. This goes against the religious ‘sacrifice yourself for others’ mentality. While I know there is a time & place for self-sacrifice, a lifestyle always putting others first leads to burn out and bitterness. Balance leads to better & more fulfilling life of service.

    Thanks for the gift. It’s much appreciated.

    • Anonymous

      I really appreciated the quarterly review tip. I once thought about that but thought it was a waste of money & effort to check into a hotel. But it’s good to get away to think without distractions. I love it.

  • amrita from india

    Hi Michael, thanks for sharing your e-book. I have downloaded it.
    I will share this info with others – specially young people. I wish I knew all this when I was younger , now I am going to be 50 – but it still works.

    • Michael Hyatt

      50? You are just getting started. Welcome to Act 2 of your story! ;-)

  • andysibirsk

    Two years ago I built a crude life plan booklet from Michael’s website and have taken over 20 people through it since then. It has changed my life and many of theirs. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see this book published. I have quickly read through half of it and can’t wait to set aside some time at my next quarterly retreat to go though it from top to bottom. Thanks for helping us make lives worth living Michael!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Andy. The fact that you are taking others through this gets me SO excited!

  • Mark McDonald

    Looks fantastic.

    Your blog posts are so helpful and I love digging through the archives. It is funny how the layout of the ebook helps me go through the concepts of the Life plan with more thought than just reading your blog posts on the subject. The blog is for quick thoughts on the topics but the ebook seems like more of a process or journey to undertake.

    Thanks for this wonderful resource.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Good! I am glad to hear it. I agree with you. It is hard to read a blog post and take action. This seemed like more of a book-thing.

  • Tina Levorse

    Hi Michael,

    I so really need to do this. Thank you so much for an e-book format, and free no less! I read your blogs but I’m just trying to get through them, and all my other mail. I drag the best stuff to a folder to keep “for reading again someday.” This e-book puts it all together in one place and makes it easy to pull up and work on. I look forward to the process and getting my life on the right track. Thank you.

  • RSBigler

    I truly enjoyed reading Michael Hyatt’s book Creating Your Personal Life Plan. It is so inspirational and enables the reader to live their life on purpose by following what is in this plan. We all have a God-Given Destiny and when we really get in touch with what this is and how we are going to go about this, we will be able to be most effective in God’s Kingdom. This e-book gives such a practical and well designed program for accomplishing this. It is most helpful because Michael is very open about sharing how this has worked in his own life and what his values are and because of this, it helps the reader to be able to make effective changes in their own life. I love the beautiful cover, workbook pages, and the inspirational quotes especially the quote from Jonathan Swift “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” as this is how dreams are begun and realized, lives changed and how a difference is made. The Lord is really using MIchael Hyatt in an amazing way to make such a difference in the lives of others.
    Rebecca Bigler

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thank you so much, Rebecca. That is a very generous endorsement. I am grateful.

  • Clifton Ditmore

    Creating Your Own Personal Life Plan sounds great for a young person. But does a seventy-six year old, retired pastor need a life plan in his last season of life? Yes! He does. I know this now after reading your splendid book. Your plan will help every season of life to be well ordered.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Good for your Clifton. Caleb was still fighting giants and conquering mountains at 85! I love his spirit—and yours!

    • Eric S. Mueller

      Stephen Covey wrote a post on his blog a few years ago called “Living Life in Crescendo” . He’s into his seventies, and still sees his greatest work ahead of him. I decided to adopt that philosophy myself.

  • PVT

    Just finished LIFE PLAN and found it to be simple but not simplistic, and comprehensive without being wordy! The templates and tools are just the things needed to make implementation a “no excuses” priority. I’ll spend some time with it myself next weekend and recommend it to clients and proteges ASAP. My favorite new idea is the concept of “perfect moments.”

    A couple of things by way of input: I’ve been following the work of Tony Schwartz at The Energy Project and his research on “ultradian cycles” which are the 90 minute oscillations of rest and recovery the body naturally uses to produce peak performance might be of interest to you in your own work and rest segments. (See his book The Way We Are Working Isn’t Working.) Secondly, check page 10, Twain quote with “life” and page 36 “whirlwind of of activity” for possible typos. pvt

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for catching those typos. I have fixed them.

      • PVT

        You’re welcome. I just found a whopper in the material I sent you Friday afternoon so spotting these two made me feel better! :-) OH WELL! No perfection to be found this side of eternity!

  • Sunshinedreams2u

    I just did the download and would not open. It said the file was corrupt. Can you check and see if there is a problem with the link on your page? Thank you.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have received a few notes like this. I just downloaded it again myself (as if I were a reader), and it worked fine for me.

      Two things to check: (1) Try downloading again. It might be that your internet connection was interrupted for a second, and it dropped some bits. (2) Make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Reader.

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  • John Richardson

    Wow Mike, great video and graphics setup. I really like your use of green screen video clips interspersed with text… very powerful. I have told a lot of people about your life plan. Now they have a way to get it. Thanks for creating this great resource and providing it for free. I’ve been wanting to do something like this with my top content. Now you’ve given me the inspiration to do it.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, John. Interestingly, they shot this on a white background. I assumed that they would use a green screen, but they think it looks more real on a white background. (It has some subtle shadows and dimension.) Just something to keep in mind.

      • John Richardson

        I have seen those big white walls in some of the photo studios where they do product shots. Very effective, but hard to duplicate at home.

  • Christina Golm

    Hi! I met you at the conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan last year. Thank you for the book! I can’t wait to read it!

  • Aryantu

    Thank you so much for the e-book. The Life Plan post is my favourite and I have recommended to so many of my friends. It really made an impact in my life and taught me to always keep in focus what really matters. Thank you for offering this e-book to us. God bless you for your sharing and giving heart. I have learnt so much from your blog.

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    I am excited! I am eagerly looking forward to devour it. I have been looking for guidance on this topic for the past few months and now I have your book in my hand. Thank you so much Mike!

  • Jeanne Stevens

    Hi Michael
    I did a Life Plan experience a couple of years back and it changed my life – or maybe I should say I started living the life God planned for me. I’m excited to read your e-book. I so appreciate your thoughts and leadership insights. Hope we get a chance to meet one day – we have many mutual friends. I worked at Willow for 11 years and North Point for the past 4 and just recently started a church in Chicago //

    Blessings to you and thanks for all that you do.
    Jeanne Stevens

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Jeanne. North Point asked for my permission last fall to use my life plan materials in a series they did. I was happy to let them do so.

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    Thank you so much for your magnanimity. It’s an amazing stuff to linger with. Looking forward to the expanded version.

  • Caleb Brown

    Back in school a professor taught a course on life planning. My wife and I have used an annual life plan for the last 5 years. It has dramatically impacted our lives. I look forward to reading this book and discovering new/useful resources to enrich our current plan. Thanks for resourcing us once again. Blessings.

  • Jonathan Hewitt

    I appreciate that you have given this collection of valuable information out for free. I met you after you spoke at Liberty University and have been following your blog since. This is an incredible resource and I thank you for it. Excellent work!


    • Michael Hyatt

      You are welcome Jonny.

  • Laurie

    Also just downloaded the book but it wouldn’t open. It said the file is corrupt and cannot be repaired.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Try downloading the most recent version of Adobe Reader. That is usually the problem. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

  • David Lermy


    What if I already subscribe via email to your blog? Do I have to sign up again? Would really enjoy reading your ebook!

    • Michael Hyatt

      David, I sent out a sneak preview to all my existing email subscribers on Friday afternoon. Did you get that email?

      • David Lermy

        You are correct. I had not caught up with my email and realized I was sent the sneak peak.Thanks for the response!

  • Anonymous

    Michael, I strive to be a servant Leader like Jesus daily and as genuine and authentic as you are. Thanks so much for depositing into my life so that I can deposit the same into others.

  • Andrew Acker

    In the current season of my life, this is just what I need. I have known about this, been meaning to do it, but let the excuse that I’m young postpone action for too long. I don’t want to get 5, 10, 20 years down the road and regret the time I had.

  • The1stfollower

    Michael, I subscribed and downloaded but Preview will not open. It says the file is damaged. Help!

    • The1stfollower

      I should add, I am currently teaching a leadership class at a Bible College in Ghana, West Africa. I did the life plan about a year ago when I found it on your site and we are doing it as a project in the class. This resource would be perfect!

    • Michael Hyatt

      This almost always is a result of an old version of the software. You will need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

  • Deborah

    This theme is appearing over and over in my life these days. Thanks for all the insight you give.

  • Anonymous

    Michael, I have a question. Why did you choose resources written by men only? Are there no good resources written by women?

    Blessings, Lucy

    • Michael Hyatt

      I don’t think about gender. I simply mentioned the best resources I had used. Do you have one in mind? I would be happy to review.

      • Lucy Ann Moll

        I ask because while I like aspects of your eBook, my life plan is like pasta, out of the box and cooked. (Think: men = waffle; women = spaghetti.) Your eBook reads masculine. Step 1, 2, 3. Perhaps we women need a similar book from a gal’s perspective. Gail? : )

        • Michael Hyatt

          First, I have to get her to do one!

          • Patlayton

            I’ll do it with Gail!!

  • Kevin Russell

    Thanks Michael. You’ve done a great job of putting structure and movement to what many of us have contemplated many times before. Keep following the Spirit’s lead in your life.

  • Jeff Goins

    Really like this and am looking forward to digging in. Btw, that Eldredge quote is right on.

  • Rob Still

    Michael, I love this book. The design really enhances the message, profound message but easy to take in. It synergizes, simplifies and enhances best practices from sources that many leaders are familiar with such as GTD and Covey. A fantastic read for anybody. Awesome. Thank you so much.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for that encouraging endorsement!

  • Zoie Kern

    Looking forward to reading this and getting copies for my three granddaughters.
    Your articles and books have greatly enriched my life and others. Thank you.

  • Christion

    Thanks for sharing Michael. I’m looking forward to reading your book!

  • Jeff Randleman

    I have utilized your life plan ideas already in my personal life. Looking forward to seeing how I can take this to the next level.

  • Wpetticrew

    Michael – After reading John Buford’s Game Plan, I wrote a Life Mission in 2003 and went back and updated it in 2006. Your post was the reminder I need to go back and revisit it. So many changes since 2006. I also will get a copy of your book, for the update.

    Thank you for being the voice, we tend not to hear or put off.


  • Eric Barron

    I downloaded the book this morning, read it today. Still overwhelmed that I have finally found a plan that I know will work for me. So excited- thank you!

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  • HopeR

    Thank you for this e-book. I found it to be easy to understand and heading in the exact direction the Lord has been leading me lately. One thing I have found for myself is that if I try to concentrate on too many accounts at the same time I easily get overwhelmed and just trash the whole exercise. I have decided to concentrate on three main areas of my life to start. Believing that once these top areas are under control I will be able to spread out the planning to other areas. Blessings and thank you!

  • Lisa

    I began coaching with Building Champions in 2007 and by applying their life plan model, I truly changed my life. Through the life planning process, I figured out that I was worthy of living the life I wanted to… the life I KNEW was mine to live if I was courageous enough to dream it!

    I was scared to death the day that I sat down to focus on my life and determine what my priorities were. What did I really want? What if I couldn’t live up to my own expectations? After writing down my plan, I started owning my dreams and using what was important to me as a filter for making decisions.

    It’s not enough to just read your eBook and comment on how wonderful the information is. It’s about taking the challenge you have set before us so that we all find the freedom and fulfillment you have found by working your plan. Accountability to yourself is key…

    • Michael Hyatt

      Building Champions rocks. Their coaching has been invaluable for me, too.

  • Claire

    Thank you so much for this. Just the other day I downloaded the template from your other life plan post. I look forward to printing and reading your book!

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  • Karla Akins

    I am so thankful for this free download! I saved your post and printed it off back when you posted this life plan originally. I was fascinated with it and have wanted to do it. Now you’ve given me a huge boost with the worksheets in the back. Thank-you, thank-you! What a blessing you have been to me and you don’t even know me. :-)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Karla. I appreciate your kind words.

  • Josh Grace

    I love the layout and practicality of the book, but I am a little confused on how you come up with accounts. Will these parallel the priorities, or do they come from other sources.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, they will come from your accounts.

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  • David Manning

    Michael: Requesting permission to make copies, one for each of my two son’s to work through. I do have some feedback on the book, but also have some questions. Is this the forum for that or is there an offline electronic means to do that?

    • Michael Hyatt

      The best way to get the e-book for your sons is to have the subscribe to my email updates. You are welcome to ask questions here. If you have a question, someone else probably has the same one.

  • Ralph Stoever

    Hi Michael,
    Recently, I decided to try the life plan you had described in a text and started this processes, so this book comes at the right time for me.

    I usually followed your posts with the RSS reader you had recommended (if my memory doesn’t lead me astray): Google reader. I am fine with getting to be a premium member by subscribing too.

    The blog novice reader who I am is wondering, though, if the ‘Likes’ in Google is not a better ‘multiplicator’ then having people read e-mails?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have not seen any direct value to the Likes in Google. Maybe I am missing something.

  • Steve

    Michael, thanks so much for this.

    I have been reading your blog via RSS in my Google account. This past week, I decided I wanted to subscribe to your blog so that I get it in my email so I can read it on my Blackberry. I couldn’t believe it tonight when I saw your offer for subscribing.

    I’m in the process of reordering my life. I’m 52, my marriage is great, my job as a senior manager in a Fortune 500 company is keeping me busy, I’m on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization, and I’m becoming increasingly involved in my church by taking on additional roles and responsibilities. Oh yeah, we also have 10 children with only 5 still at home and I teach a physics class at a classical school in our church.

    Life if busy and I need a plan to sort through all of this. Can’t wait to get started.


    • Michael Hyatt

      With all you have going on, you definitely need a life plan.

  • Oscar

    This was a great reading material. Next step to work on my plan. I have been trying to find instructions on how to do this, because everyone tells you you need one but everyone else makes it sound so complicated, but thanks for putting it in an easy to follow format. Thanks for what you do, and for providing this free e-book.

  • Bryan Patrick


    Thank you for open sourcing your leadership and life plan material, first on your blog and now in this beautifully designed and written e-book. In our wealth driven world you have chosen to give back out of your life experience. I pray that many others will experience life change, growth in character, and a deeper relationship with Christ as I have by following the principles you’ve outlined in your blog posts and now in this e-book.


  • Dale

    Michael, thanks for offering this; I look forward to reading.

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  • Jeremy

    I just downloaded your ebook and skimmed through it. What a great motivational tool. I look forward to reading it thoroughly and working on my life plan. The design is very inviting and easy to read. How did you put it together(software, layout, etc.). Maybe a blog post on how you did the book?
    Thank you again for providing this resource. God Bless.


    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I am planning a blog post on how I did it. Thanks.

  • David Santistevan

    Michael, just finished your ebook. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. It really is an incredible resource and I’m already planning on walking through it with my wife. I know I’m still young (26) but I really wish I had learned this stuff as a kid :) For anyone who owns it and applies it, the sky’s limit on what they can accomplish. Thanks again.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your kind words!

  • Anne Cody

    I just skimmed through the free e-book, Creating Your Personal Life Plan. I can’t wait to create a plan — I’m going to set aside a day to do it this weekend. What I like about this little book is that is is simple, clear, and manageable. I especially love the ideas of underscoring everything with Scripture and of envisioning the reality I’m aiming for. I’ve been praying for a resource to help me get my life on track and this is my answer to prayer!

  • Kary Oberbrunner

    Thanks for this gift Michael. We’re all richer because of it.

    I love your quote from one of your old posts.

    “But you and I have 100% control of the one thing that is the most important to our success: ourselves.”

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  • Adam Donyes

    Thank you for allowing aspiring leaders access to such great resources!

    • Michael Hyatt

      You are welcome. I hope you find it helpful.

  • Benita Teems

    I just received my free E-book and I can’t wait to start on my Life Plan. Mike, thank you for this generous gift!!!

    • Michael Hyatt

      You are welcome, Benita. If you have any questions, you know how to find me!

  • Ofoyuru

    Great life-changing book. I am very grateful that I can be given the opportunity to access such highly informative materials. God richly bless you.
    Ofoyuru in Uganda

  • Chris Walker

    I have spent the last year or so of my life trying to put good practices in place to do this very thing. I have failed often and had some small victories as well. I am grateful for this document because it combines many of the same resources that I have also read. It brings it together in one place. This is what I have been trying to do for me. I will be revisiting this book often to help keep me on track. Thank you for putting years of your experimentation, failure, and victories into 93 pages so that others can benefit from it.

  • Mark Canfora

    My “life plan” seemed like it was “on track” until July 12, 2005 when I heard the words “daddy, Marky’s dead” from my 16 year old daughter on the phone…. My 18 year old son, Mark Jr., my right hand on this earth, had tragically passed away. The next thing I knew I was unzipping my precious child from a body bag as I stood alone in the morgue…trying to stay on the “narrow road” God has for me. The world is entirely too painful on that broad road…I look forward to finishing this eBook. Thank you sir for sharing. Mark Canfora Sr.

  • Mark Canfora

    My “life plan” seemed like it was “on track” until July 12, 2005 when I heard
    the words “daddy, Marky’s dead” from my 16 year old daughter on the phone….
    My 18 year old son, Mark Jr., my right hand on this earth, had tragically passed
    away. The next thing I knew I was unzipping my precious child from a body bag as
    I stood alone in the morgue…trying to stay on the “narrow road” God has for
    me. The world is entirely too painful on that broad road…I look forward to
    finishing this eBook and completing my “life plan”.
    Thank you for sharing this helpful guide.
    Mark Canfora Sr.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m so sorry, Mark. That had to be difficult.

      • Mark Canfora

        Thanks Michael. Life plans change when tragedy strikes to be sure. I became a new believer in Christ at age 39 in 1997 and I really wish I had this eBook then. Marky passed away in 2005 and many of my “priorities” were out of whack at that time. I was doing all the right things (so I thought) but they were mistakenly out of order and the enemy stepped in and hit me with some severe and deadly blows.

        I nearly lost my family and the worst tragedy of all-my son passed away as a result of these happenings and my mistakes that allowed the enemy to have an open door into our lives. As a husband and father-I assume all responsibility for my misatkes. But God has the perfect eternal plan and final word in all things.
        The good news in all this thousands have dome to know Christ (Romans 8:28) My remaining family is in tact, my priorities are more intrack (definitely getter better too from this eBook, thanks) and my son is in heaven as promised by God Himself-Marky beat me home.

        More in my book: “A Child Died, a Father Cried and God Answered” mark1986 is the free eBook download code

        (Michael, I hope this is ok to place the free eBook, it is my true life story of tragedy hope and healing)

      • Mark Canfora

        Thanks Michael. Life plans change when tragedy strikes to be sure. I became a new believer in Christ at age 39 in 1997 and I really wish I had this eBook then. Marky passed away in 2005 and many of my “priorities” were out of whack at that time. I was doing all the right things (so I thought) but they were mistakenly out of order and the enemy stepped in and hit me with some severe and deadly blows.

        I nearly lost my family and the worst tragedy of all-my son passed away as a result of these happenings and my mistakes that allowed the enemy to have an open door into our lives. As a husband and father-I assume all responsibility for my misatkes. But God has the perfect eternal plan and final word in all things.
        The good news in all this thousands have dome to know Christ (Romans 8:28) My remaining family is in tact, my priorities are more intrack (definitely getter better too from this eBook, thanks) and my son is in heaven as promised by God Himself-Marky beat me home.

        More in my book: “A Child Died, a Father Cried and God Answered” mark1986 is the free eBook download code

        (Michael, I hope this is ok to place the free eBook, it is my true life story of tragedy hope and healing)

  • Ron Dawson

    Hi Michael, I signed up for the e-book but haven’t received the download link. Is it because I was already subscribed to your newsletter? Looking forward to reading it.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Email me at michael dot hyatt at gmail dot com. I will email you the link.

  • epicenterlanguages

    Thanks for providing this. I’m looking forward to sharing it with my friends.:)

  • Matthew Foo

    Hi Mike,
    Can’t seems to be able to read, it says file damaged ;+(
    Any other way?
    matt foo

    • Michael Hyatt

      I apologize for the hassle. This usually happens for one of two reasons:

      1. The file did not completely download. Please delete the file and try downloading again.
      2. You don’t have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Please download from Adobe’s site. It is free.

      If this still doesn’t work, then e-mail me at michael dot hyatt at gmail dot com.

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  • Heather

    This book looks great. I subscribed to your blog a few weeks back already–so I tried re-subscribing, just to get the book :) but it didn’t work. Is there a way to still have access to the book? Thanks so much,

    • Michael Hyatt

      Email me at michael dot hyatt at gmail dot com, and I will reply with a link.

  • ReflectionsByPj

    Just downloaded your book, looking forward to the read and the application. Thank you!

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  • Dan

    I have not been able to read your e-book yet but look forward to reading it. Cant wait to grow and learn.

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  • Rjones12

    says file is corrupted….

  • ShareeLynn


  • Suzanne

    Thank for this work… it has come up in several conversations and I’m recommending it to friends! It is a valuable tool. It is already helping me live more deliberately.

  • Andrew Weber

    Michael – thank you for writing and sharing this – it’s wonderful! I think the book will smooth the path for those who desire to live a conscious, intentional life but need some help breaking through the tough question of where and how to start that process.

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  • F_rashado

    Can you please email the life plan ebook to my email address? I can’t save or open the file that I downloaded from the website

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  • Cameronwaynedeyhle


    I can’t seem to get the pdf file to work on my computer. Using Foxit Reader and it says “format error: not a pdf or corrupted”.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    • Andrew Buckman

      I would try the latest free version of Acrobat Reader from Adobe. I’m guessing the software you’re using doesn’t support the newer versions of the PDF format. You can get it here:

    • Michael Hyatt

      Make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader. If in doubt re-download it from Adobe’s site. This is usually the issue.

  • Christian Ray

    Thanks for the new resource Michael. I’ll be posting a review on my blog The Third Drive (

  • mail

    When I tried to open the download of the e-book, it said that “There was an error opening the document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired”.

    Any advise? Really want the book. Thanks. Debbie Young

    • Andrew Buckman

      Can you post what version of Acrobat Reader you’re using? This problem is usually because your Acrobat Reader version is out of date. You can update Acrobat Reader free from Adobe here:

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  • Bwengye Amon

    Thank you Micheal for these words that bear the light of life in them.I know that these words will help me to fulfill my mission on earth .

  • maureen miller

    This is so great. You are right I’ve not thought about my life. I feel like my feet hit the ground running and I’ve not stopped to think about this. I also feel like my business isn’t going to go anywhere till I get this straight.

  • Haydeeang

    Thank you! You really lost weight huh.

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  • Cathryn Hasek


    Thank you for the free e-book. It couldn’t have come out at a better time for me.

    After being my family’s caregiver for the past eight years, I have come to a crossroads in my life where, now that all of my immediate family members are all in Jesus’ precious hands, I need to break through the “thorn hedge” that I created for myself during that time, and start making a plan for my life.

    I started a blog about how, as a recovering sluggard, I am making my way through this proverbial “hedge” by grabbing hold of what other’s are doing and writing about, procrastination, leadership and personal success.

    Right now, I am tackling Andy Andrews’ Seven Decisions for Personal Success and blogging my findings and, since part of Decision #1 is to realize that, “I am responsible for my own success,” I sure will be using your life plan book, blogging about my plans for it, and referring other’s to it.

    Thank you, again, as so many things in life are not free, except for the gift of Christ’s love and grace which is given to us through faith.


    Cathryn Hasek

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  • Chris Potts

    Question: how do I get a copy of your book if I was already subscribing to your e-mail newsletter? I filled out a new subscription form but it doesn’t appear that anything happened…any advice/help you can give would be appreciated. I would love to get a copy of your book!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I apologize for the hassle. This usually happens for one of two reasons:

      1. The file did not completely download. Please delete the file and try downloading again.

      2. You don’t have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Please download from Adobe’s site. It is free.

      If this still doesn’t work, then e-mail me at michael dot hyatt at gmail dot com.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I apologize for the hassle. This usually happens because the email with the download link got caught in your spam filter. You might check in your junk email folder.

      If it’s not there, then e-mail me at michael dot hyatt at gmail dot com.

  • Chris Potts

    Never mind my previous post. I just tried to subscribe to your e-mails again, and this time it worked — popped up a link to where I was able to download your book. Excited to read it, thanks for the offer!

  • her husband, Preston

    I just started your “. . .Life Plan” book. I became so enthusiastic about what I was reading, and the mental processes it was generating that I made a decision right away, at page fifteen, to see that my wife (my best friend), and our children all share this same experience for planning their lives.



    • Michael Hyatt

      Awesome, Preston. It is great to include your family in this.

  • Margaret

    Michael: My husband just asked me what I wanted to do for the next 5 years. What goals did I personally as well as a couple did I want to achieve. I couldn’t answer him until the very next day I received your blog post on your Life Plan. This is an answer to prayer! Our situation is different since I am overseas working and he is managing our small business at home, so our Life Plan is way different than most people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this tool to use and execute for my life as well as my husband’s. I am very grateful to your blog, I have used it so much and have found so many other bloggers that I enjoy. Thank you.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great, Margaret. I am so glad you have found it helpful. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • Weavin Steven

    Hi Michael – I downloaded the Life Plan e-book (at the suggestion of Donald Miller), but my computer (a Mac) is telling me that something is wrong with it and that it can’t open it. Please help!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I apologize for the hassle. This usually happens for one of two reasons:

      1. The file did not completely download. Please delete the file and try downloading again.

      2. You don’t have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Please download from Adobe’s site. It is free.

      If this still doesn’t work, then e-mail me at michael dot hyatt at gmail dot com.

  • Kathleen

    Hi Michael! I am leaving a comment because you asked me to! I just read the e-book, and I am so encouraged. I am a single mother of two young children who works in marketing and is in grad school full time. I believe in the principles of prayer and preparation, of living a life of meaning and purpose, yet I – like so many of us – forget to pay attention to the practice of these things. Thank you so much for giving me a simple, guided tool to do this! And for Free! Do you know how much that blesses a mom like me?! :) What a gift. May God bless you one hundredfold for what you’ve given me. I’m going to do this soon (probably when the semester is over), and I will get back to you when I start to see results. Peace and wellness to you and your family! Thanks again!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am so glad that you found this helpful, Kathleen. Thanks for taking time to swing by and leave a comment!

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  • Elise Adams

    This might sound a bit ‘gushing’, however I can’t help it…this book has permanently changed my life. I wrote about my personal experience and linked to your site here several times in my blog post today because I’ve never encountered a more transformational tool. In the past I have always been intimidated by the purpose statements I’ve written because I’ve been too detailed, too far-reaching and much too focused on perfection. Following the process you outlined has been the perfect middle ground between nothing and my previous habit of over-thinking, over-doing mission-statement exercises. Thank you so much for offering this resource as a free e-book. I hope and pray it changes many lives, as it’s transformed mine.


    • Michael Hyatt

      That is awesome, Elise. Thank you so much.

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  • Jimmy Ezell

    I have signed up for your email as instructed above (and to the right). Nothing has shown up in my inbox or the spam box. Would you please send me my confirmation that I am on youor email list with the place to click to download my free e-book. My email address is:
    My name is Jimmy Ezell

    • Michael Hyatt

      Will do, Jimmy. Sorry for the hassle.

  • Tntb990

    Couldn’t download the E-book said the file is damaged

    • Michael Hyatt

      I apologize for the hassle. This usually happens for one of two reasons:

      1. The file did not completely download. Please delete the file and try downloading again.

      2. You don’t have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Please download from Adobe’s site. It is free.

      If this still doesn’t work, then e-mail me at michael dot hyatt at gmail dot com.

  • JustinW

    Your book was very insightful and clearly mapped out. However, as a college student, I find it difficult to fully apply this to my life. With so many things unknown – career, family, etc. – I’m not so sure how I can plan far in advance. Do you have any suggestions for how to apply your guide to a college student’s life?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I would just start with what you know. You will be updating this document for years, adding accounts, deleting others, etc. For example, newly-weds won’t have an account for their children. Singles won’t have one for their marriage. But I would have one for school, one for your health, spiritual growth, etc. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! Thank you Mr. Hyatt! for sharing your wisdom and experience in this e-book. I read it in one sitting and can’t wait to share it with my husband. I’m certain that as we become more intentional and create a life-plan, it will make an incredible difference.
    I also just discovered your blog a few weeks ago, after reading Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts, and getting more involved with twitter. I have been learning so much from you, and your posts, and am becoming inspired to begin blogging myself. Everything you post is so relevant and helpful to this part-time working registered nurse and mama to 5! Blessings to you Mr. Hyatt!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your kind words. I hope you begin blogging. It is very rewarding.

  • donnashepherd

    Excellent eBook. I’m just finishing up teaching the curriculum “Outlive Your Life” that we received in Dayton, OH at the concert. What a blessing it has been! This eBook complements that teaching perfectly. I will pass it on to those in my class. Thank you.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks Donna. I’m glad you found that it complimented that book.

  • Vicki George

    only part way thr, but love it do far

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great. Thanks, Vicki.

  • Davidmichaelking

    Hi keep getting error message when download ebook. It says it is downloaded but when click on it it comes up with error message sorry David King

    • Michael Hyatt

      I apologize for the hassle. This usually happens for one of two reasons:

      1. The file did not completely download. Please delete the file and try downloading again.

      2. You don’t have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Please download from Adobe’s site. It is free.

      If this still doesn’t work, then e-mail me at michael dot hyatt at gmail dot com.

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  • Cynthia Leighton

    Yum! Wanted to sit and enjoy a book after a quick email check. Peeked at this just now, long enough to realize it’s a book to print and USE — now! Glad I felt the urge to check email before choosing a book otherwise I’d have been reading something else now instead of waiting for this to finish printing two-up…

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great. I am so glad!

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  • Russ Martin

    I read this book tonight in one sitting. It was very motivating.

    It gives me a framework to put together a bunch of varied documents I’ve created into something comprehensive.

    Thanks for sharing from your wealth of knowledge and life experience. I’m a better leader and husband because of it.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your kind words. You are welcome!

  • Abraham

    So awesome that its free! Thanks!

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  • Paul Fedorys

    Hi Michael,
    I would be interested in reading your book, “Creating Your Personal Life Plan”. If you could please forward it to me via ebook format I promise to read it.


    • Michael Hyatt

      Paul, you can download it here by signing up for my free email updates.

  • Ken Jones

    Thanks Michael ,
    Perfect timing and just what the doctor ordered. Friday April 29th, I will be 70 years old and I just started a new company of my own. I am more excited today than ever before because I am focusing all
    on GOD’s purpose for me and those about me.
    Thanks again for the guidelines and focus,
    Ken Jones

    • Michael Hyatt

      Good for you, Ken!

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  • Terri Brown

    I was just thinking this morning–I have all this stuff I want to do and I am not getting any younger; I don’t want to wake up in 20 years and not have at least tried to do what I want to do with my life. This has given me a plan and I will have to rustle up an accountability partner, but I am excited about having a plan. Thanks very much.

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  • Philguz1947

    thank you for your giving me the opportunity to further more plan in life here in earth, thanks for the info and encouragement and challenge. God bless you

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  • Adonis Lenzy

    Thanks for sharing this. Great book, I love it and putting it into practice.

  • Ali

    Hi Michael,
    I hope you and your family are doing well and are in the best health and spirit.
    Your website came up as I was searching for ‘How to make a plan’. I read the preview and your encouragement to read through. I subscribed to your website so I could get a copy of the ebook, which I read and here I am writing my comment on it.
    Reading through your ebook I found that it contains some great pieces of wisdom from which I am sure most of us can benefit e.g. putting God first, taking care of myself next and enable me to help and serve others.
    I started reading your ebook rather enthusiastically but got disenchanted soon after that, a disappointment that increased as I continued through the end of your ebook. Here is why.
    In your ebook you quote often Bible verses and say you read it daily. You also put God first in the list of your priorities (2 Priorities, refers). However, in the outcome (1 Outcomes) you start with S. Covey and his vignette followed by your ‘incredibly powerful question’, “What will they say when I am dead?”. I have read S. Covey’s Seven Habits…book of which you have borrowed his short vignette of visualizing one’s death and use our end as a driving force to shape our current future so that we arrive where we really want to be. As a Muslim, I am taught to also remember death often, but for an additional reason. The first reason being that it will make my asking God for forgiveness more sincere and second enable me to do good and prevent bad (I also have personal experience with the beliefs of mormons and own a copy of their book).
    It was surprising to me that you, being a deacon, a learned and practicing Christian, did not find a suitable verse or phrase from the Bible for creating a personal life plan, but had to rely on the vignette from a devout mormon, S. Covey, who subscribes to a belief that cannot be further away from the teaching of Jesus Christ.
    Here are a few excerpts from a review of S. Covey’s Seven Habits… book whose principles and teachings are based on universal wisdoms already recorded in his earlier book ‘The Divine Center’ (DC) addressed to the mormon audience. “In DC Covey reveals that the only true and correct map is found in the LDS Church and that God appeared to Joseph Smith and rejected all existing maps (p. 16). During that alleged encounter with God, Smith specifically names the Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians as having what Covey refers to as “incorrect maps” (History of Joseph Smith 1:9-10, 18-19, DC p.16).”
    Here is what S. Covey’s true map “The true map, on the other hand, tells us what Elder Lorenzo Snow summarized in this couplet: As man is, God once was; As God now is, man may become” (p.81).
    As such I felt that your ebook uses God as a tool which is on standby to be used whenever we need it, not as the destination to Whom we all shall return. Even more surprising it came to me that you were almost apologizing about your belief when you explain the meal time in your home ‘Not to wax too theological, but…’?!
    This is what S. Covey thinks about the Bible and teaching of the prophets sent by God to deliver His teaching and guide humanity “The reader is warned to be careful of private interpretation, “The inspired words of living prophets may be of greater worth to us than the words of dead prophets” (DC p. 199). He quotes two of these Mormon prophets, David O. McKay in SH (p. 294) and SF (p. 66) and Gordon B. Hinckley in SF (p. 208) identifying them only as a religious leader/educator and a wise leader respectively.”
    Here also you refer greatly to successful contemporary business men, using Bible’s ‘supporting verses’ for your action plan mainly and chose to conclude, as you began, your ebook with S. Covey – here his story of the rocks in the jar! What about the Bible, contains the Word of God, Who taught men that which he knew not?!
    In conclusion, I want to also share this with you, as I am not sure if you know, the “7 Habits is the author’s way of conveying ideas previously presented in DC to a non-LDS audience. He advises fellow Mormons, “…we shouldn’t hesitate to work within the vocabularies of others to communicate our meanings …we can teach and testify of many gospel principles if we are careful in selecting words which carry our meaning but come from their experience and frame of mind” (DC p. 240).”
    Most surprisingly to me was the fact that your are considered a successful leader in your Christian Circle and many Christians look up to you for guidance. My question is: Where are you leading your followers to?

    Source of quotes:

    • Michael Hyatt

      As a Christian, ultimately, I don’t believe in either Islam, Mormonism, or even Stephen Covey. However, I do believe that all truth is God’s truth. As a result, it shows up everywhere. Even though men suppress the truth in unrighteousness (see Romans 1:18–23), they can’t eradicate it. Therefore, when I discover truth where ever I find it, I celebrate, provided it is consistent with historic orthodox Christianity.

    • TNeal


      You’re thoughts are very cohesive and well-written. You obviously spend time in your studies and pursue truth. I’ve read Michael’s reply and I agree with his basic premise–truth is truth no matter the person who speaks it. But I also appreciate your input because it broadens the search and deepens our attachment to the unshakable in truth.

      I find ultimately truth’s testimony leads me into the presence of the Person who said, “I am the way, the truth, the life.”

      Thank you for helping this Christian honor Jesus Christ as I follow Him.–Tom

      • Ali

        Hi Tom,
        Thank you for you kind comment and for sharing your belief with me. As a Muslim, I, too, follow and honor Jesus Christ and his teaching. Luke comes to mind: 19 So Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is, God. 20 You know the commandments: ‘Do not commit adultery,’ ‘Do not murder,’ ‘Do not steal,’ ‘Do not bear false witness,’ ‘Honor your father and your mother.’” (Luke 19:20)
        May God guide us all in the right path. Amen.

  • Ali

    Thank you very much for replying to my comment, Michael. Much appreciated. I am happy to learn that you don’t believe in S. Covey.
    Indeed, truth comes from God and the absolute truth is one of the attributes of God Himself.
    As such searching for the truth is one of the greatest ventures we, the children of Adam, can undertake. Therefore, I would like to invite you to discover what the Qur’an has to say about the truth. No worries – you’re not obliged to keep it, if it doesn’t sound true to you! It deserves a read, however, as it makes some mighty claims – worth examining.
    May God guide us all on the right path, Amen.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Just to be clear: I didn’t say I don’t believe in Dr. Covey. I am simply saying that I don’t believe in everything he teaches. I am willing to glean truth where ever I may find it. Thanks for your invitation. I would also to invite you to consider the New Testament. Jesus Himself claimed to be “the way, the truth, and the life.”

      • Ali

        Thank you for the invite Michael. I do read and consider the New Testament with its 66 books. This is why I believe Jesus when he reportedly says in John 14:6 “I am the way, … to the Father…” Notice Jesus says he is ‘the way’ not the destination. Also this is why I make sure that I won’t be of those that Jesus describes “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.” And declares to them “…’I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’” (Mathew 7:21-23)
        Consider God asking Jesus “O Jesus the son of Mary! Did you say onto men, worship me and my mother as gods in derogation of Allah’? He will say ‘Glory to You! Never could I say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, you would indeed have known it. You know what is in my heart…” (Qur’an 5:116) “
        As for S. Covey, all I have to say is this: “You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?” (Mathew 7:16)
        May God guides us all in the right path. Amen.

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  • Brandon Weldy

    I finished reading this book very recently and absolutely loved it! I have often heard of the importance of setting up a life plan, but I have never felt I had the right resources to do it. Then I’m reading along in Don Miller’s blog and BAM he brings up this book. The title popped out to me and I immediately got the ebook. I have been working on my plan thanks to the pages in the back and the other resources listed. I really feel like this will be a great thing for me and it has been quite an adventure writing mine out!

  • lance cashion

    Thanks Michael.
    Again, you deliver value for your readers.

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  • Alex Iulian Ionescu

    Hallo Michael,
    I found your book very useful, elegant and friendly. So I shared the source of it whit my friends via email and also on my blog ( ).

    Thank you for your great work, and for your shared experiences.

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  • Irineu Merisio

    Hello Michael,
    A friend of myne post a link in the facebook about your blog, and he’s waiting to receive a free ticket. So I get in your blog and downloaded the e-book, “Creating your personal life plan” .
    I’d like to know if this book is translated to Portuguese (Brazil). If not, I’d like to translate to you, if you are interested to publish the book in portuguese too.
    God bless you!

  • Pingback: Charting a Clear Course « Marco Thinks!()

  • Gbrooker

    Good morning,I cant seem to download the book.It seems very interesting and I can’t wait to read it.

    Thank you.

  • Angel Butcher

    I don’t know where to begin to express my gratitude. I guess I know now -I have a plan & purpose to my life … I can actually touch, feel & believe that will become a reality.

    You took God’s word & put them in words that I can understand & are applicable.

    I’m looking forward to more!

  • Fraser Ronni

    Was looking forward to your e-book, but was unable to down load it.

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  • John Hawken

    Hi Michael,

    Many thanks for making this outstanding resource freely available!! It’s the best book I’ve read on this critical topic!! Concise, easy to read, and packed full of practical wisdom and great resources. I’ll recommend this to all my personal and Facebook friends – everyone needs to read it!!



    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your kind words. Awesome!

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  • Ashley S.C. Walls

     HELPFUL! Thank you. I have been sharing bits and pieces of my life plan on my site. Reviewing your template is extrememly helpful for the finishing touches.

  • norberto mizal

     This a powerful tool that we can use in discipling our youth, thank you for making this available for us! Thank  you Michael.

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  • Anonymous

     Thank you for sharing this valuable information.  I look forward to applying it’s principles to my life and ministry.  As a pastor who works a secular job it will be an effective tool, even at the age of 50 :) – PS. I have been having some trouble printing the document.  It seems to give an error to effect of “invalid font” command.  Has anyone else had this same problem?  Thanks again and God bless.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have not had that complaint before. I am not sure what to tell you.

  • Jantayvinsky

    HeyMichael! Thank you so very much for providing your E book. It was a great read and I wish to recommend it! It would be helpful if you had an option to share it on LinkedIn!!  All the Best~Jan Tayvinsky

  • Global Media Insight

    Thanks Michael. Glad that I read it Today. Am starting on this Now. Following your example, have shared these with my wife.  

    • Michael Hyatt

      Excellent. It is great to work on life plans as a couple, where you each develop your own and then share them with one another.

  • Cynthia Leighton

     A must do!

  • Jmhardy97

     I have started putting these tools to work in my life and I can say that they are already having a positive impact.


  • soccer jerseys

    Beautiful article with nice informational content. This is a really interesting and informative post. Good job! keep it up, hope to read your other updates.

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  • Nick

    This is an excellent resource.  Some of the content was a refresher for me- things I’ve dealt with in coaching scenarios and find it incredibly beneficial.  But your weekly meeting with yourself was ground breaking for me as is the weekly planning, quarterly review and yearly planning with the excel spreadsheet.  Basically I had a clear calling and life goals but didn’t know how to get it broken down day to day, month to month, year to year. Incredible, thanks so much!

  • Learnahead

    Michael Hyatt: Born and reared in South Carolina, I saw too many good people fail to reach their potential during the early years of the 20th century because of racial biases. I spent 20 years in the school room  giving youth of all origins the tools to reach their dreams. Now, I have finished my narrative nonfiction work on the life of a Buffalo Soldier, 1863 to 1878–who was he, where did he come from, what did he do, and how did he spend his life? In those years a black man could advance beyond slavery in the Union Army–if he took advantage of his opportunities.
    This is the message that I feel we must impress upon our youth today. Open their eyes to their opportunities, not what ever it is that they lack. My web site is
    Thanks for your attention. E.Forman

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  • Tracey

    I am so eager to dive into your e-book as I am off on maternity leave in a couple of weeks!  Thanks be to God for providing this much-needed guidance at this CRAZY time of my life (we have a 27-month old, just sold and are closing on a new home next week, and in 3 weeks have baby #2 on the way!).  I look forward to learning how to PLAN the balance in my life and to getting my priorities in order.  THANK YOU for sharing this valuable insight!

    • Michael Hyatt

      You are welcome, Tracey.

  • displacedcowboy

    I’ve got your blog on with Google reader, as well as following you on Twitter. In fact, I started following you via  Google reader due to your advice on how to do that!  I enjoy your posts, they are very encouraging and helpful.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for saying that. I appreciate it!

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  • Marie

    Thank you so much for making this available.  I love planning and dreaming and this book and the worksheets you recommend have given me more tools for the journey. 

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  • Jeff Goins

    Love this book!

  • Melissa Hager Leembruggen

    Thanks for the great book filled with questions begging for answers in my life. Last year my business associate was murdered and I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and out of control ever since. One of my friends kept saying I needed to get more engaged with your blog, which I knew from the periodic posts I was reading. God decided and I finally obeyed by taking my first of three days to do some soul-searching, planning, and development of what God’s vision is for my life at this point and where I need to get back on track. Last night God also let me clearly see “Visioneering” by Andy Stanley that’s been on my shelf for 18months. It’s been a great companion to the Life Plan ebook. I know I have a lot more reflection and planning ahead, but wanted to say thanks.

  • Jesut

    Thanks very much for the e-book. I believe that
    it is something that I need at this “right now” moment!

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  • Therese Marshall

    Thank you Michael for a really valuable blog.  Your personal life plan is a really helpful exercise for anyone who doesn’t have access to a life coach.  I have forwarded it on to a number of friends, and I am using it myself.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thank you very much.

  • Aj Silvers

    Hey Michael, I came to your blog following a few book related breadcrumbs and happened upon your Personal Life Plan book, a fortuitous outcome.

    Having read through the book and part way through completing the exercises I wanted to drop by and thank you for putting together a very clear, concise and, most importantly perhaps, very usable guide.

    In addition I thought your attention to detail in producing the book was superb! It’s all to easy for anyone to slap a document together, create a pdf and market it as a book but you’ve clearly thought about the user experience of the book with as much care as you’ve demonstrating writing the content.

    Inspiring and impressive :)
    Simple Copywriting

    • Michael Hyatt

      Wow. Thanks for those kind words. Very much appreciated.

  • leeann

    thanks for posting the Fear message on itunes!  :-)

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  • Dianne & Fred Doell

    Good morning … We are Christian missionaries in Pattaya, Thailand and your web site was referred to us by our Living Word Missions Director, Wendy Tatro, who is encouraging all of the LWM missionaries to compete the life plan.  My husband is 73 and I am 66 and we intend to complete it … and just wanted to thank you for the opportunity.  We lead an international church here in Pattaya and will also refer our members to your site.  Thanks for making it available.  

    We are visiting our daughter Jennifer who serves with Norval Hayes ministries in Cleveland, TN .  We will be there in August 2011 and would like to be able to stop at your ministry office is that is possible.  

    In HIS service … Dianne & Fred Doell

    • Michael Hyatt

      Wonderful. Thanks for sharing that, Dianne. Best.

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  • Tanya Marie Lewis

    Now this is what I call a literary meal. I am full of information and revelation after only the first half of the book. Great job Mr. Hyatt! May God continue to bless the works of your hands.

    Tanya Marie Lewis

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thank you so much!

  • Gautam Balsaver

    It takes a lot of courage, generosity and hard work compiled together to come up with what you have. A true gift to mankind. God bless you and all your loved ones. Thank you Mike.

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  • Otoniel Perez

    Thank you for putting this together, it will not only be helpful for myself but also for the people in the congregations I serve.

  • Lynn Dean

    Love the ebook! I have to admit that I downloaded it for two reasons. One: I really did want to read what you have to say–a synthesis of many inspirations you’ve presented in your blog. Two: I am transferring an educational program on CD-ROM to a pdf format. The project features many graphics and internal links in a horizontal presentation that will fill the screen. Your presentation style is similar to what I’m after, and you’ve done an excellent job with it.

    IF you have time to respond, is there a link where I could learn more about how your did it?

    Thanks so much for all you do.


    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Yes, I wrote a post called, “How to Create an e-Book in Seven Steps.” I hope that is what you are after.

      Thanks again.

  • Guest

    Thanks for all your wonderfull work.
    I’m still 20 years old, but this work of yours will help me alot… and I mean alot really.
    I’ve been having hard times through life, a difficult mind, a difficult body.
    This is a really helpful hand, even to fight my health condition. Your work is very meaningful to me. Thank you and I wish you Luck, Happiness and everything good in your own life.

  • August Thurmer

    This appears to be very helpful.  Being in education for many years, I have observed that we help our students make plans in order to complete their course work, goals, and eventually to reach graduation with a plan.  What we have lacked in is that of assisting our students into looking at career choices that fit where their desires lie.  For many of us, we extend the lack of insight for our future into our college life as well.  My wife teaches college English and she sees many students floundering, that is having no plan for their future.   They lack insight in what career they should choose and so waiver in their commitment towards finishing their degree.  I have seen as well that many choose their careers and future by default.   Students many times work toward what is easy for them as a career choice rather than what is interesting for them.  So many of us end up being in jobs and careers that are unsatisfying and discouraging.  I agree here with the author, we need to have future plans for ourselves that allow for fulfillment and happiness.  August Thurmer

  • Dan

    I’ve already shared with you how much I admire your blog and daily articles Michael.  Now, over the holiday weekend I took the time to read your e-book.  It’s a game changer for me.  It has reminded me of the importance of purposeful living, the gaps that I want to rectify in my life, and the strengths God has graced me with. 

    Thank you for your purposeful words and guidance.

    God bless –

    Dan Loichinger
    Founder, Loichinger Advantage LLC

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Dan. I am so glad.

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  • Pastor Prince Nyarko

    Hi Mic,
     l wish to just thank you from the bottom of my heart for the free e-book,even though l have not started reading it yet.keep the great work up and hope to cacth up with you soon.

    Warm regards
    Pastor Prince Nyarko

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  • Ken


    Not able to download.. It says there is an error..

    • Michael Hyatt

      I apologize for the hassle. This usually happens for one of two reasons:

      1. The file did not completely download. Please delete the file and try downloading again.

      2. You don’t have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Please download from Adobe’s site. It is free.

      If this still doesn’t work, then e-mail me at michael dot hyatt at gmail dot com.

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  • Anonymous

    I downloaded the annual-time-block spreadsheet and I appreciate the effort you put into that document. With that said, next year (2012) is a leap year and it looks like your file doesn’t do leap years well.  It will incorporate the date Feb 29, but doesn’t list the day of week (and on non leap years, the day of week is listed as a pound sign). Also, the March column then starts with “March” 29th, and only has 30 days.  For your readers who are not as savy with Excel, I would suggest modifying the file to correct these issues.

    Never trying to be a problem finder, but also a problem solver, I made the following adjustments (note, these work in Excel–the code is basic enough I would assume it will also work in OpenOffice and other programs, although I did not test them specifically):

    change cell E33 to =IF(D33=””,””,IF(WEEKDAY(D33)=1,”S”,IF(WEEKDAY(D33)=2,”M”,IF(WEEKDAY(D33)=3,”T”,IF(WEEKDAY(D33)=4,”W”,IF(WEEKDAY(D33)=5,”T”,IF(WEEKDAY(D33)=6,”F”,IF(WEEKDAY(D33)=7,”S”))))))))

    change cell G5 to =IF(DAY((D32+1))=29,D32+2,D32+1)

    Of course, there are multiple ways to fix these issues, so you may find another you like better. With those changes, the F33 cell gets a border on leap years and no border on non-leap years. I was not able to get a border around D33 and E33 (not an excel expert), so if you know how you did that, it would be another nice addition.

    Thank you for considering my suggestions.

  • Wellingtongroupinternational

    We have a responsibility to walk the walk not just talk the talk.  Make real progress!

  • Taredlegged

    i went to send the document to Staples to have it printed in a booklet so I can sit and read.  It keeps showing up as a font error on Staples end…any suggestions?  Has anyone else sent it away to be printed?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am not sure. I have not heard this before.

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  • Mostafa Lesani

    I have had a look at your book. first of all it has problems in impelementation. you have to review goals by a decoration or sculpture in the apartment for example.Sth which is dynamic and updated daily by an internet connection. Different music, different pictures. Also setting goals is not that easy you have to open a set goal online system that connects people with real people. let people to set goals by connecting to people and pay the consultants by credit cards. for example let me ask some question from an expert in NASA,related companies, … let me choose them from a categorized list. The other thing is that you have to open a section related to skills developement (specifically social skills). This helps people to develope themself fast.  Other thing is that you have to help people to talk with each other face to face. analyze these groups. it gives the best outcome. build groups that advanages all participants.

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  • Arlenmiller101

    Your blog is wonderful. Thanks. I sincerely and respectfully ask… Why are you so sad-looking and sober in this video, Mr. Hyatt? Very different from the bio mugshots in the blog. Are all things well?

    • Michael Hyatt

      When I first read your comment, I thought “no way”! However, I had my wife watch it again, and she agreed. I’m going to re-shoot it.I think when I care about something so deeply, I tend to get too intense. I need to lighten it up. Indeed, everything is well!

      • Arlenmiller101

        You are very honest and frank… publicly. Wonderful. Thanks and much blessings your way, my friend.

  • Daren Sirbough

    I’m going to begin working on my life plan next week. Looking forward to it. I’ve skimmed through the book briefly and know it’s going to take me a while to get it right. Nervous and excited for what is to come.

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  • Ilaga_joel

    Wow…it’s a great. I have my life plan but it’s not organize as how you talked about. thank you for sharing your God-given idea. Praise God.

  • Greg Satterwhite

    Do you have a iBook, Kindle, or other e-reader format rather than PDF?

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I’m afraid I don’t. It is on my list.

  • ejc

    Thanks for the great ebook.  Inspiring and thought-provoking.

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  • Jesse Garner

    Hi, Michael,

    I got your ebook recently and had a change to read through it today. Great content! It’s always interesting to read how people set up their “systems” to keep moving forward in what’s important. I wanted you to know since I’m probably not the only one out there that I’m doing the majority of my reading on my kindle now, and converting your book from the PDF onto my Kindle…well…let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

    We’re probably a minority, but if you offered your ebook in epub format that would be a blessing to all of us using ereaders out there.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks. That is definitely on my list.

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  • UH

    I just read your e-book! I am honored that I was able to read your
    book. I am renewed to make sure I keep vision and purpose in my life
    and not get sidetracked with all the daily to-do’s. I’m a busy mom with
    little ones so I especially need to slow down and refocus so I can give
    more to my husband and children. Thanks for the inspiration to have
    PURPOSE and MAKE things happen! 

  • Helpguide3v

    We are so much into the present and the immediete future we tend to miss the bigger picture in life, ie, to plan for our life.
    Steve @ get back ex

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  • Vicki

    Thank you for sharing your examples of how to actually create a life plan!  Highly inspirational and practical!  I hesitate to download “free” stuff but this was definitely an awesome find!  THANK YOU!

  • facebookAmymaysCarroll

    Thankyou for all the help you have provided! I have been all day at reading your helpful tips. I have just recieved the e-book and will lae you know what i get out of it as soon as i know! Thankyou again,I am in  Abilene Tx.Im right in the bible belt so they say, and I truely do appriate How you have been using your Gifts to give back! True it helps you, but even more it helps us too!I pray for  Gods Continued Blessings on your work and descissions in life!
    Amy Carroll


  • Gabriella Merlyn

    Nice! really inspiring! I want to make my life plan from now on, i’m sure it is useful and change the way i think

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  • TRX

    Hello, I feel this site may be very useful for me, Love it so much, thanks for the recommendation. Mobile Computing

  • m_erikson

    Still can’t believe you offer this for free. My wife and I plan to work our way through it this year. If I took it to some place like Kinko’s how do you imagine it would look to print and spiral bind it? We’d really like to have a hard copy edition.

  • Tracey Doherty

    I have some resistance as everywhere I turn the talk seems to stem from corporate speak, centered around branding, measurement and goal setting.   Having said that though I am going to take a good look and see what I can make use of  here.

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  • Mark Sagbo

    that cool

  • Raejohnson21

    This won’t help me very much.  The audio includes no captions.  Ugh.

  • Edgar Reyna Navarro

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ll show it to my highschool students here in Mexico and help them to create their own life plan project. Most of them have no idea where to start on. Regards.

  • Tamara Gomez

    Reading “Creating Your Personal Life Plan” was definitely brilliant! I found the simplicity, yet mastery plan useful to every extent. I am a 24 year old full time mother, and Law student, need I say more… though I am very organized person I have many ups and downs as in to where I am going and how to get it done. I can’t wait to see what else you have to share with us. Thank you!
    Tamara G.

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  • Roger Knowlton

    Hi Michael – excellent book. Thank you for making it free of charge.

    FYI,  in the version I received, I noticed a typo – Andy Stanley is noted as a Senior Paster, rather than Pastor.  Maybe you’ve already changed it.

    Small thing, though – appreciate your help.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Roger. I hadn’t caught that one yet.

  • Zachary Cochran

    Great book. Especially appreciated the Year-view xls calendar and have already implemented the ranked priorities (God, self, spouse, etc) into my iCal. Thanks, Michael.

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  • Robert Mwangi

    This exactly what I was looking for to take control of my life, thanks and let me see how everything turns out. God Bless

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  • Julianna Wu

    Hi Michael, I’m a recent college graduate. I find my life after college to be incredibly disorganized, ironically because I have too much time on my hands. There are many things I want to do, but somehow don’t get them done. So thank you for your ebook, I’ll work on it and let you know how it goes.

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  • Aldo E Moller

    I have not finished reading yet but by quickly reviewing it I see great value to me. I started late getting serious about living with a purpose, living life with set goals. I thought it was for ‘somebody else’. I recently made a very important decision in my life to live it with tothe fullest. I say to some people nos, it is like having the ‘final two minutes’ of my game, those who watch and love football will understand. I need to focus on how I am going to WIN at the end of the game… I want to be on the winning side for my God, my family, my Ministry and my Business!
    Michael, Thank you for adding value to my life!

    • Michael Hyatt

      You are welcome. I hope it is helpful. Good for you for making these decisions.

  • babessa

    Thanks! This e-book is amazing :) I will use the great templates u have created and bear in mind all that is said in the e-book!

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  • Shamrocks4kids

    Thank you for sharing this E-Book.  I know present economic circumstances have modified the life plans of many people, including myself.  This model will be used to help me regain perspective while building a plan for a more promising future. The timing couldn’t be better, and that time is now.

  • Evelyn Pereyra

    Glad to know there are more people here that follow this kind of life plan, personally tricyclic antidepressants was helping me before I started following Michael

  • Evelyn Pereyra

    Ha, nicely said, I do the same with my reparacion de pc servicio tecnico experiences, glad to know I’m not alone

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  • Jhammer1014

    Michael, I converted your ebook templates to notebooks in Evernote and it works awesome. Using a stack called Life Plan, I have sub notebooks for each area (numbered) them so they would display in the desired order. The best part so far is the ability to update commitments during planning and review sections if desired, or just update an existing nite say for what is important to me with the ability to look at the bite history. Gave the Life Plan some more wind and is easily kept up to date, and always at my fingertips anywhere I need it. Thanks for what you do. Jim

  • Larry Galley


    First, thank you for making “Creating Your Personal Lifeplan” available for any and all at no charge.  That removes a significant excuse for not doing the homework necessary to craft a life that is both pleasing to God and delightful to live.

    You mentioned in your “Bio” you occasionally play Golf, which strikes a definite positive chord with me.  I don’t play particularly well but I have enjoyed forty plus years of playing and enjoying the game and have found it to be a tremendous metaphor for life.  In attempting to play my part and give back to the community at large I started to blog on the Golf/Life metaphor.  I invite you to join me, if the spirit moves, and add your insights as well.  The blog site is:

    Next time you are in the Chicago area I would love to have a cup of coffee— my treat—share a story or two and perhaps find a time to play a round of golf—also my treat.

    God Bless,
    Larry Galley

  • Sylvia_loney


    Thank you so much for sharing.  This is just what I need to make my remaining years more meaningful..  I struggle with the productive use of time.  I will use your template and proceed. immediately to write my life plan.
    What a blessing you are!  My desre is to live life more intentionally and by God’s grace, I will. I plan to introduce my husband, children and friends to you.  I am a senior citizen and enjoy writing. You have motivated me to keep pressing on to make my dreams become a reality

    May God continue to bless and use you in this ministry.


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  • Joseph Brand

    Michael, Thank you for this. I have been saying I’m going to do this for a couple of years now. I have all the information I need, it’s just deciding to buckle down and do it. I will do it now. Thank you.

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  • Jeremy Burroughs

    Michael, I really appreciate this book. My  wife and I use it, and now I am incorporating into my work with youth. I work as a psychologist in a high school and I am going to have my students work on their own life plan. Thanks again!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I love hearing that!

  • Quangsbv


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  • Casey Toda

    Thank you, Michael, just got done reading through your e-book. Thank you for your willingness to share this with others for free. I realize much of my error has come from a lack of being intentional for the long term and really planning a focused end in mind. I believe that is to change for me right now and I will end far better than I’ve begun : )

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  • Clach

    Hi I would like to get a copy of your ebook 
    C Lach

  • Dchrist11

    Thank you so much for the ebook.  I saw you speak at the Church of the Highlands on the Grants Mill Campus this weekend and was so inspired, I had to go out and research each of your books online.  I will be obtaining several of them including the downloaded book and can’t wait to begin reading.  My only regret is that I didn’t get to meet you and receive your newest book in church yesterday.  But I will be watching your calendar and intend to do so one day.

    Truly an enjoyable experience and one I hope to repeat again.

  • Pingback: 4 Steps to Maximum Effectiveness()

  • Pingback: LEARNING TO ORGANIZE MY LIFE « garyalbritton()

  • Josie Vernon

    Thank you for this free resource. At  the age of 48 , I am going to sit down and replan my life. When I was in my twenties, I had a life plan and have very much ticked the boxes, but I woke up after a spinal injury realising that I couldn’t continue my life in the same way as I had planned and I had to make serious changes to my plan. So tomorrow, I set off in a recession with a plan to change my career, retrain, go back to college with the dream od having my own private practice in three years time. I am somewhat daunted by this challenge but if I don’t do it, I face the prospect of being disabled AND unable to work…..I can’t change the disability, but I can change my focus and change my work. 

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  • Jo Rae Johnson

    Hi Michael! I signed up for your blog, but haven’t received the link for your E-Book, Creating Your Personal Life Plan. How can I get it? Thanks so much for all of your helpful tips. I enjoy reading your blog and recommend it to everyone! Jo Rae

    • Michael Hyatt

      It probably got caught by your spam filter. This happens occasionally. Please email tricia at michaelhyatt dot com. She can help you. Thanks.

  • Danjonmai

    Hi, Michael, I haven’t read your book yet, but I want to thank you for making it available for free like this, God bless you for your generosity! From Daniel McNally a missionary in Taiwan

  • Sahar Asgharzadeh

    Dear Michael, I dowloaded your book tonight and read it al through. It simply flows.
    Every moment, I was thinking “he is sharing his own experience and these are all good tips”.
    I particularly like your point on putting important things first. Thanks for a genuine advice.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks so much. I appreciate your encouragement!

  • Barbara Todish
  • alice miner


    Thank you for sharing your wonderful ebook.  When I was a young mother, my older and wiser mother shared a book with me on goals. Since that time,  I’ve read and tried and tested ideas to accomplish the good desires of my heart and help and encourage others within my circle of influence.  Recently, I have been focused on projects, and wobbling. The contents and tone of your book rekindled the fire in my heart.  I am deeply grateful for your broader perspective.

    Thank you, thank you.

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  • Tfortson

    Thanks for posting this!  I have known my “plans” to get sidetracked on more than one occasion and for more than one monumental sized issue.  Focus is difficult for me…

  • Tfortson

    Oh crap-I just noticed that you posted this 3 yrs ago.  Muh bad :)  I just saw this link on facebook and assumed the “Creating you Personal Life Plan” was new.  Yeah, not so much… :)   sorry again.

  • Pingback: Creating Your Personal Life Plan by Michael Hyatt()

  • Danviss

    I would like to review Michael’s bio or resume (preferrably the former).  Please let me know how or where…………..Thanks!

    • Michael Hyatt

      You can find this on my About page. Thanks.

  • Kirk Heiner

    Just received your e-book. Michael, this is INCREDIBLE. So well thought out and clear. Thanks so much for creating this. Every person needs this.

  • Hailingg

    Thanks for your kindly sharing!! I leave my comments after read it! thanks again! 

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  • Ly-ann Tan Low

    I believe in planning too; I remember charting out a plan of sorts from the get-go at university. But, that was the very thing that discouraged me. Sure, I could live it with purpose and direction but the truth is many times I felt like I didn’t have the control I needed to make that life plan happen. I’d surely try to work in the direction too but I kinda felt that God had OTHER plans for me. 

    I’m a INTJ planner by nature, but I’ve come to realize that ”
    In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.” So, is it really helpful to have such a far reaching plan in place? Instead of empowering (which achieved plans do), can they instead discourage a person? And how do you keep that flame burning if it is meant to be and when do you know when to turn to another direction and say this plan wasn’t for me?

  • Pingback: What To Do When You’re Stuck | Following to Lead()

  • Ryan Weimer

    Very cool!  This e-book is truly a great gift worth exploring!

    These practical steps are helping  me grasp the big picture in my life.  Being able to see what really matters and how to live that out daily is truly invaluable.

    Thanks Michael!  God bless!


  • Lydia

    This was a great read for someone like me who has never even thought of creating a life plan.  I am half way through my first one ever, and excited about the idea of having a direction and an actual map for that road.  Revisiting your life plan every week is key, and what Michael writes about most people spending more time planning a vacation than their lives really struck a chord with me, as my family are perpetual vacation planners.  I would absolutely recommend this ebook to anyone looking for a way to achieve hard-to-imagine goals in their life.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Lydia. I appreciate that encouragement.

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  • luisa

    A really must read e-book.

    Thank you Sir for the wisdom you shared of creating a Personal Life Plan.

    Indeed, this will help me to focus in the much more important stuff and get the right things done without slack. Proverbs 18:9

    Will share it to my friends and love ones too!

    Thanks much.

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  • Sam Gokarnakar

    The brief introduction has been an insightful one. I can’t wait to lay my hands on the copy of the book. I hope, I can pick up the nuances essential for leading a life with a definite plan. :)

  • Ambershaun M

    My computer said the download was a virus and deleted it..

    • Michael Hyatt

      You might update your virus definitions and try again. I have had more than 30,000 downloads and never had that complaint before.

  • Oscar Smith

    Michael this is an excellent resource for everybody period. It is a well thought out formula to track our goals and a wonderful aid for the important people in our lives.

    He Came Incognito,by Chaplain Oscar Smith,, a Chauffeur turned Chaplain who was the personal driver for Mr.and Mrs Sam Moore. How are they by the way? 

    • Michael Hyatt

      They are doing well, I think. I haven’t seen them for several months.

      • Oscar Smith

        Thank you Michael for always being so real, honorable and responsive to all people.
        We have met once or twice and I would love to speak with you about the day I met
        John Maxwell here in Nashville. He would not sit in the rear of my limo he insisted
        on riding with me up front. We hit it off so well because as my sons would always say
        “real recognizes real”. He has always been an inspiring leader and I admire your style
        as well. That is why I wholehearted support your Blogs! Credibilty is Priceless!!!!!!!!

        • Michael Hyatt

          Thanks, Oscar. I appreciate that!

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  • david hussy03

        It gift consecrate you clarity most where your life is headed. It present donjon you in arrangement when things get softheaded. It give cerebrate you heartsease of intelligence, wise you are are addressing those aspects of your experience that matter most.

    Search Cheap Property

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  • Carol Andersen

    This is a fantastic resource!  As I skimmed through it quickly, I was able to identify a few areas of my life which needed some “re-structuring”.  Thanks for the insight and clear, easy-to-understand steps towards prioritizing my day-to-day and longer term life pursuits. 

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  • Tunde_oladimeji

    This is book is simple,self-explanatory and inspiring.I wish I had read it before this time.Thanks alot Mike

  • Colleen (FNF)

    Great book, and well presented.  It takes what can seem like a complicated task and breaks it down to manageable pieces.  I’m very grateful and have been working my way through creating my life plan personally as well as encouring my husband and my two older sons to create one for themself as well. 

    Not exactly sure how I found your site, but what a blessing it has been!  thanks.

  • Vivian Ow

    Great resource Michael, I loved how the spiritual element is exactly where you believe it needs to be for you.

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  • Dr. Wayne Thompson

    What a wonderful piece of work, very frightning though. It makes you truely look deeply into your life and take responsibility for it!!!!!



    I thank you for the value information you have gave us but i need more helphow to creat a programe makeme arrange my personal life and documents like my own library?

    Looking forward to hear from you and so nice that i found such information in your e-book.

    Many Thanks

  • John Karani

    May God multiply to you a 100-fold for selflessly sharing these precious God given nuggets. Indeed freely you have received and freely you have shared. These are things that I wish I had known years ago and I now I have shared them with a sense of urgency with my own teenagers so that they know what I wish I knew when I was their age. I love it especially that you have anchored your message on God and the Scripture that I share with my kids: Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and ALL these things will be added unto you. God bless you once again. John Karani, Nairobi, Kenya

  • Digna

    THANK YOU for helping me to refocus by providing such a real set of instructions to creating a personal life plan!  After reading your book, I confirmed I have intentions but I am not acting on them.  Your book has encouraged me to reevaluate and recharge for what really matters in life which is to live on purpose. 

    I would like to give with your permission a copy of the book to a few of my friends for Xmas.  Of course I can always share online but am not sure it would get the attention it deserves.  If you agree I would like to make a few copies to share in hardcopy.

    I am thankful I stumbled upon your content searching for leadership information.

    May God continue to bless you and may your impact be God lead.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately, I can’t give you permission to copy it for offline use. There is material that I used in the book for which I only have online permission. Sorry.

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  • Surya Wirawan

    Dear Mr Michael,

    Thank you for the book, it remind me to take control or manage my life properly in order to be success now and after life.

    BTW I only received 25 pages.

    • Michael Hyatt

      That’s strange. If you received 25 pages, you should have received it all or it wouldn’t open at all. You can email tricia at michaelhyatt dot com and ask here for a copy. Thanks.

  • IC Design

    You are right , most of people are indolent in their life planning. They just do any thing when needed. Make their life according to the circumstances by showing some lethargic and reactive approaches.  Life only make them succeeded who make a plan and them turned and shape life’s circumstance according to their own planes.  Sluggish and idle behaviors not or never lead to success.

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  • Debola

    Michael, amazing work sir! God bless you and keep leading your life into His perfect plan! I want to host a mentoring academy next year for women and would love to seek permission to use ur e-book as our workbook for a period of one month. Please reply sir. thank you!

    • Michael Hyatt

      You are welcome to have your students download it, but you can not print it out and distribute it. However, the students may do this. Thanks.

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  • Johnchen

    i cant open the PDF at all

    • Michael Hyatt

      Please make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Reader. 99.9% of the time, that is the problem. If you download and install that, and it still doesn’t work, the file may have gotten corrupted on the download. If so, let me know, and I will send you another link. Thanks.

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  • Mike Hansen

    Hello. I’ve downloaded, but haven’t printed yet. I gave some input into an updated cover a while back and you had mentioned that you will be republishing in portrait format, for instance. Do you have an update on when that will be? I have version 1.3.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m not sure. I have been working on my new Platform book, due out this next spring. I probably won’t get back to this until then.

      • Mike Hansen

        Thanks. I will DO it, and work with what I have (a finicky printer).

  • Amy Folk

    I spent my last vacation reading and working through the e-book. It is GREAT!

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  • Manan

    Thanks For Shring Comment. Your Site Really Cool And Nice. Your Articles Is Good.
    About Plan

  • Shan Conner

    Mr. Hyatt – I am reviewing and updating my personal life plan for 2012. I find your method for creating and maintaining a personal life plan very beneficial. However, there is something I don’t quite understand. 

    What is the connection between the Outcomes (how I want to be remembered) and the Action Plans that result from the Priorities? Should there be a direct correlation between how I want to be remembered and the Action Plans, or is the purpose of the Outcomes to provide a 30,000 foot view of the the plan?

    Thank you for such a valuable resource!

    • Michael Hyatt

      The purpose of the outcomes section is to focus your selection of priorities and to make sure that your actions are moving you in the direction of how you want to be remembered. Thanks.

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  • Rob Sorbo

    I hope this is something that is addressed in the book, but when I think about life planning there’s always one big question that keeps popping up and scaring me: How do I know?

    Through the years I’ve wanted to be a doctor, professor, writer, pastor, missionary, analyst, and the list goes on. Right now I am interested in ministry administration–I think my interests, skills, and passions would make me well suited to assisting ministers be more effective in what they do through administration.

    However, how do I know that ministry administration is what I am supposed to do? Basically what it all comes down to is that I’m scared of not knowing what my answer is to “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

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  • Khatume

    Michael, I download the life plan book, Great advise by the way. Just what I was looking for. Anyway, I cannot print it. Is this on purpose? or is there a suggested way to get it printed?

  • Casofa Fachmy

    it’s really awesome book! i wanna cry!

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  • Sus Schmitt

    I’ve just been so busy, otherwise I would’ve read your posts consistently.  I already use MailChimp, so I’m also now hoping to learn from you in how you use your email subscription.

    My first reactions upon subscribing:  your “welcome” says I’m subscribed to leadership, but I want all your posts.  I’m assuming I’m getting all your posts so you may want to re-word your welcome.  If not, I want everything!

    Secondly, I recommend an “update your profile” link at the bottom of each emailing.  I wanted to go to my profile right away and make sure I was getting what you offer.  I liked your offer to immediately choose from daily or weekly mailings, but is it also possible for your subscribers to update their profiles for your categories.  If we could, we might request only “leadership” or “leadership and productivity,” for example.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am not sure what you are seeing, Sue. My welcome message says, “Thank you for subscribing to my free email updates. I typically blog on four subjects: leadership, productivity, social media, and publishing. I occasionally throw in a random topic that I think you might find interesting.”
      I offer two options on the signup page. You can get the updates daily or weekly.

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  • Mickey Carroll

    Hello  Michael . Creating A Personal Life Plan .  I write songs about giving back
    and produce concerts that give back to world community .

    This song is entitled You Got To Give Back

    I thought you might enjoy
    God Bless your creative adventure

    Mickey Carroll
    Grammy Nominee
    Gold Record Recipient
    Three Arts and Humanity Awards

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Mickey. Great song!

  • Brian Murphy

    I am !6 years old an I am wanting to start my future life plan. IF it is possible what is a good way to start a life plan me being this young. I work as a cashier so I have a job, I’m thinking of going to collage but I don’t think I want to.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I would try it just like I have outlined it. You are at the perfect age to start!

  • BBMeyer

    I thought the book was very interesting, seeing how you broke things down.  It got me to thinking about whether half of what I do really is necessary.  I mean, we all are trying to do too much. and it seems that a lot of it is meaningless stuff. 

    We’re all so busy that we forget the more important things like saying thank you to the people who make our lives easier, and rewarding those who do things that make us look good.  There are many in our lives that work really hard and who have invested in us that cheer us on.   We just never want to take them for granted.  Not ever.

    Sometimes we think of all the stuff we need to appear successful or rich when in reality, we’re already there!  We live (if you are in the US) in the most wealthiest place in the world.  People try to be like us or try to get to live here.  Here even the poor have tv’s and food to eat and a car and all the necessities.  We are truly blesssed!

    If you wanted, you could add pages that help you think of all the personal  accomplishments you have done in the past.  When you can see in perspective, you can see win after win, and if you look at it for some time, you come to the conclusion that  YOU are a winner!  You have won in the past, and you will win again!

    In the bible, God speaks over and over to the children of Israel wandering in the desert to REMEMBER.  Sometimes, for me anyway, remembering how these successes built over time, one after another, helps me keep focus and helps me plan.

    And in these plans, I have to say that no matter what I wanted or how I set my ducks in a row, sometimes a beautiful plan B or plan C or something entirely different emerged.  When it comes down to it, the trait that works hand in hand with superior focus is adaptability.

  • what is happiness

    it is very beautiful and  nice  site.This is a great article to remind all bloggers .this is a very great and nice  article.  what is happiness  Asking someone to define happiness is like asking him/her to define success. Happiness can mean a lot of different things, and the definition may vary from one person to another. To one person,  happiness may mean having lots of possessions. To another person, happiness may mean being very successful in his or her chosen career. To still another person, happiness may simply mean having a healthy and happy family. Ask yourself: What is happiness for you?

  • sex contacts

    This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic. You know so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

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  • Frankie Williams

    Wonderful Tool!

  • Jeff Russell

    Just finished reading your “Creating Your Personal Life Plan” with my wife today. Extremely excellent! Just what we need going into 2012. Many, many thanks. I received the e-book because it came when I ordered your non-fiction book proposal e-book that was recommended by one of our ministry’s Board members. So glad for that. This quote sums up where we’re at today: “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.” —John Pierpont Morgan  We are really looking forward to being mentored by your material.

  • Carl walker

    I wish there was a simple way to pring the ebook  “creating your personal….” without printing the background

    • Michael Hyatt

      Me, too. I am planning that with the update.

      • Abser Nurul


        This is my first time i visit
        here. I found so many useful stuff in your website especially its discussion.
        From the a lot of comments on your articles, I guess Im not the only one
        receiving the many satisfaction right here! keep up a good job.

        your credit


  • Carl walker

    I meant print

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  • amanuel ghidey

    sir/dear real i ‘m very very happy when i find this website. b/se i need such kind of books for further my life. and i will like to be a leadership
    thank you so much

  • Sandeep

    Dear Michael

    Its awesome. I was in process of defining next 10 years since last two months and was using Mindmap ( a free tool to create tree and branches). The only problem was that , I was not able to align actions with objectives or associate with timeline.
    The E-book and the templates have given me a clear direction and I believe my plan for 10 years will be ready in next week.

    Thank you very much for your effort and generousity to share priceless entity/learning.

    Wish you a Marry Christmas and Happy New Year

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  • Sydney web designer

    thanks michael for the effort, you have pointed out some superb points

  • GS

    Thanks for your willingness to help others – I am sure it will take you a good place in your next eternal life as few  people realised that in this materialistic world, we are now living. Life is too short.

    Sydney, AUSTRALIA

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  • Angie W.

    Michael, I have been following your blog since July 2011 when I attended She Speaks. Great information. I just sat down to work on my goals for next year. I love your Life Plan format. I am going to use it and am sharing it with many of my associates. Thank you!

    • Michael Hyatt

      You’re welcome!

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  • Israrhussain Syed

    Hello Michael! thanks for your daily messages via. mails and I hope that creating your personal life plan is also helpful for us as I had not read it yet but I’ll read it at night.

    thanks for sending your daily mails. I’ll replied you via mail that how helpful this book for me.

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  • Charles Gichuki

    There is a problem with the ebook download, it only download a 131kb file instead of 3.5mb, how can i download the ebook?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Can you please try again? I’ve had over 30,000 downloads with no problems. It’s likely just a temporary glitch. If it doesn’t work, let me know, and I’ll figure out a way to get it to you. Thanks.

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  • Allyson Byrd

    I just downloaded your new eBook and I’m super excited to see what I discover. I have an appetite for work like this. Thank you for saying yes to your assignment. Your voice is necessary! 

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  • maestrazim

    I am facing 50 this year.  I know God has called me to write, in addition to being a high school teacher.  I hope this guide will “order my steps” so I can do all God has for me.

    • Joe Lalonde

      While I have not completed the guide, what I have finished has helped me gain more control of my life. I believe it will do the same for you.

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  • Rob Trenckmann

    Hey Michael, I’ve been following you on Twitter and reading your blog for a few months now, and I just completed my first version of a Life Plan.  I really appreciate the way you think about the world.  Your writing is influencing how I live in major ways, and I appreciate that.  Thanks for sharing your life lessons with me.  As a young leader, I am in your debt.

    • Justin Wise

      Rob … I’ll be sure to pass the comment onto Michael. I know he’ll appreciate your kind words!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Rob. I appreciate that very much.

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  • Kristina Ramshaw

    This is a life-changer. I have honestly been looking for something to give me a push in the right direction, and this is it. I am excited to read the books on your list, reflect, and then begin my journey to a wonderful life-plan. I will succeed.

    • Justin Wise

      Kristina … So glad! If you follow this process out, no doubt you’ll find the push you need. Congrats on moving towards the life you were meant to live!

    • Michele Cushatt

      Fabulous attitude!

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  • Dave Christian

    “Creating Your Personal Life Plan” made the “Top FREE Help” list at! – Dave Christian, Founder,

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Dave.

      • Dave Christian

        You’re welcome, Michael. Thank you, sir. You earned it. Keep up the great work. You are truly making a difference in many people’s lives.

  • Kevin Farrugia

    Hi Michael my name is Farrugia Kevin, well I’ve been planning my life since kind a like 3-4 yrs now and you know what it makes perfect sense! I’m only 15 going 16 next month but hey I know what I’m gonna do another 30yrs I know exactly how my life will be hopefully if everything goes as planned! Today I saw your site and I said hey let me give it a try. Still gotta see what’s in your book but I think I’ll keep planning my life!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Good for you! I hope you enjoy the book. You are at a great age to do this.

  • Mikyasbeliveme

    i dont have any plan to make tomorrow so u can help me with this 

    • Joe Lalonde

      I’m not sure I understand your comment correctly, but if you’re having trouble creating a plan for your life Michael’s book can help you. You can download it by going to and filling out the form.

  • Portsomewhere

    Michael, I enjoyed E-book very much. I was quite shocked it started with thinking about my own death, even though I often refer to the importance of things based on how they will matter when I die. The information was extremely insightful and I look forward to completing the worksheets. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Michael,

    I just went away for 24 hours this weekend to create my life plan.  It was an exhilarating experience.  I came back wanting to share with everyone about my time and how fruitful it was.  Thank you so much for giving me the tools to focus and put into action the question: What do I want my life to be like?  

    I do have a question: in the Quarterly Review section, you mention reviewing your business plan and that you already set your business vision in another session.  Do you have any resources you would recommend for actually creating your business vision or just adapt the life plan to your business?

    Thank you so much.  

    • Barry Hill

      Glad you had such a productive time setting up your life plan. Are there any big take-aways that you can share?

      • Anonymous

        Hey Barry,

        I really like that it balanced who you want to be as a priority over what do you want to do.  It was great to think about who I want to be and ways I can get there.  

        I combined doing my life plan, with making my annual time block, and with setting 90-day objectives ( I think that helped me move from thinking about the forest, to seeing the trees, to having a short path to follow for now.  

        I was able to do it all in a 24-hour time period, but would have loved to spend more time on it.  I’ve been spreading the word about how great the time was and what a useful guide the book was.  Thanks again Michael!


        • Barry Hill

          That’s great! I love the combination of your long and short range goals… great advice! I can get very lost in the weeds of my long range goals and can feel overwhelmed by their short term implications! Good stuff, and good luck!

    • Michael Hyatt

      The guys at Building Champions consulted with us at Thomas Nelson to develop ours. They are the same guys from whom I learned life planning. I would highly recommend them for business vision and planning.

      • Michele Cushatt

        I’ll add my recommendation to Michael’s … Building Champions is an excellent organization!

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  • Wendy Burnett

    This is absolutely awesome. I’m only to page 18, and I can already see how helpful it’s going to be, to me and to my readers. Thinking about how I want to be remembered by specific groups is already helping me to find more focus, which I desperately needed.

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  • Rob

    Hi M Name is Rob and I have tried and tried to download this ebook and it continues to not show the book?

  • Jaale41

    Really i am very appreciate the guide book of the create your personal life plan truly it will be helpful every one who  want to make life plan,  the instruction you are made your plan is very  important  i am Muslim the first priority my god like you mention and I  reading holly quaran  then another steps and i hope many people will be assisting  how they make personal life plan .


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  • Mentorguru

    This is Really good stuff Michael, thank you for sharing. There are to many consultant who wants money for every little thing. But you Sir are the real stuff, and having other persons development first in mind. Thank you!

    I will post it on my blog , so my readers can download it and have a even better 2012.

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  • Carlene Byron

    In case none of the 495 previous commenters has mentioned it: layout as well as content is great! The design really supports your text. Kudos to whoever put the e-book together.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Ha! Thanks for that. I actually did the design myself.

  • Michael Mulligan

    Wow.  This is powerful.  I need to block out two full days, sit down with my wife, and go for it.  Thanks for giving me a great template for my life.  Well done, Michael

  • Pingback: Every New Day()

  • Mario San Miguel

    Thank you for making me reconsider how I spend my time. Simply as it seems, this would be the first time I record my life’s expected outcomes. I must accept that old as I am I had never put everything that is important to me on the table. I liked that you recognize God as your first priority, we all should. I also agree that you place yourself second,we can not love our neighbors if we do not love ourselves.

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  • Anonymous

    You really know how to add value to your content Michael. I’ve been a passive reader for quite some time, but today’s post on virtual assistants and the previous post on vision reminded me of all the great content I have been missing out by not subscribing. This site just keeps getting better!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks so much for your kind words.

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  • LadyWhitmore

    It was just what I was looking for…

    Pastor Rene’ Townsell-Whitmore
    Denver, Co
    New Wine Cathedral of Worship

  • Monicah Sammy

     Thanks Michael I’d love to stay focused and moving in the right direction. Praying God to help me.Be blessed always

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  • jesse ryder25

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  • Alban Brice

    Gr8 book…just post a summary of it. Keep up, Dean!

  • J.B.

    Wow, Dana. I don’t understand how this comment does anything other than reflect the bitterness of the person who wrote it. How do statements like “you are full of yourself” and “all I can see in your plan, is that you are self-centered” make sense or fit here? Should Michael Hyatt have to apologize (a) for being successful in his chosen career path and having what you view from a distance outside of it as a “wonderful life” (b) giving away for free an e-book and template that others can choose to use (ot not) for themselves to help in improving their ability to manage their life and living it with purpose and clarity towards what they hope God is asking them to become? Maybe, Dana, it’s time to look at your own judgmental attitudes, implied envy or maybe you are just a member of Michael’s family (you seem to share the same last name) and this flame was a joke because you sure do seem to give a lot *OF* ‘think about’ in your comment, but very little of anything substance  *TO* actually THINK ABOUT.  But thanks for posting and good luck with your less than wonderful life, J.B.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, J.B. As far as I know, we are not related.

      • Bonnie-Mary

        Ha. Hilarious. I love it. There is not much more to say,”…as far as I know, we are not related.”
        I just downloaded your free e-book and wanted to write and thank you so much for making it so freely available. J.B.s comments had me laughing and  your reply to J.B. more so.
        Answer not a fool in their folly.

    • Bonnie-Mary

      Great comment J.B. I was wanting to reply to Dana, but what you said sums it up.

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  • Chris Patton

    I know this is late, but I committed to posting a series on my own Life Plan process.  Now I have it done!!!

    Here is the link to the series:  My Life Plan

    • Michael Hyatt

      Good for you, Chris!

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  • Dr.Purushothaman

    Thank you very much for the Excellent Information,which will definitively help all
    Human beings in a big way.
    Please pursue with your Vision&Mission.

    With regards,

  • Pingback: My Taglines, from April 2010 to the Present… | A Dad's Journal()

  • Kimberly Adams

    Hi Michael,
    I recently stumbled upon your blog, and I have to say, what you say is amazing stuff. I am 20 years old, and I don’t read self-help books or motivational books. I’m more of a passive life watcher, as you said once. However, your stuff really hits home with me- maybe it’s the simple blog format, with lots of content in a small amount of space.
    Anyways- my point is this, I have a very large question for you, that entails many small questions. But since I can’t ask you directly (understandably), I’m commenting in the best place I can think of.
    I want to create my own Life Plan, and to start making changes. But.. I’m stuck and need some help. As I said before, I’m only 20. Life is just beginning for me. I’m in college- but taking off this semester because I need to turn myself around. I was’t focused at school, and I’m not motivated in life. My next option will be the military if I don’t figure this out. I’m also overweight- I’m a female weighing 190 lbs. I should be at 120 or 130 at most. I need a new job- and while applying is easy, it’s nerve wracking, especially when I’ve only had one job so far in life- at McDonald’s since I was 16.
    My question is this: In all that you say, how can you relate it to someone young? Someone who wants to still be spontaneous in life, without a career, still developing goals and ideas, unsure about their faith, etc. I’m hoping you can help me out, and I also hope this comment doesn’t appear overly daunting.
    Thank you so much!
    Kimberly Adams

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for writing, Kimberly. It’s awesome that you are only 20. That was about when I started to figure life out. I didn’t know much, but I knew I wanted my life to matter. That made me start asking a lot of questions:
      How can I really live?
      How can I experience genuine love?
      How can I be sure my life matters?

      Perhaps most important, what is at stake? You have been given the gift of this one life. What will you do with it? It matters more than you know!

    • Chris Patton


      I cannot answer all of your questions, but I will offer two pieces of advice from a 41 year old position of experience.

      First and foremost in my mind is deciding about your faith. You mention that you are unsure of this. From my perspective, I know of many decisions I would go back and change if I could. This is because I made these decisions before I was certain about my faith. In my opinion, if you will settle this in your heart and mind, then the rest will fit more easily into place.

      The second piece of advice I would give is to read a book recently written by one of your peers. A now 22 year old woman named Katie Davis wrote a book about her choices at this age. It is called “Kisses From Katie” and it is an inspiring story. I am not suggesting you follow in her footsteps necessarily, but you will likely get a very fresh perspective for your own decisions.

      I, like Michael, think it is fantastic that you are asking these questions at your age. You are ahead of the game!

  • justinm

    Michael I say thanks a lot for the great stuff we are receiving from you at no charge. These stuff people are paying alot  ao money just to hear and travel distances just to attend semminars,because of your giving heart everything is on our finger tips. God bless you and grant you with more wisdom

  • JDR

    The only manifesto I’ve ever read that both quotes biblical scripture and Dirty Harry. I love it.  This is something I’ve needed for a long time, but just never saw the gaping hole.  Thank you.

  • Greg Meissner

    Mr. Hyatt,
      Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! I know it will bless( empowered to prosper)many! It’s like seeds and fertilizer in one package. My garden is prepared and ready for the seed! Seeding. Grow garden grow. Harvest come! Fruit to market! WOW!

  • Amon Abaho

    i can change my life my self…. God being my helper the mountain in ma eyes can move.

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  • Dr.Purushothaman

    Dear Sir,
                            You are doing an excellent service to the Younger Generation at large.Please pursue with the same.

    Let the Supreme Being bless you.

    With regards,
    Dr.Purushothaman,Director,Centre For Human Perfection,Kollam,Kerala,India

  • Leslie Royce

    Just received your ebook and quickly skimmed it.  I love that you use quotes to reinforce your goals and ideals; I do as well only more from Asian sources like the Tao, the Buddha but I also use Christian ones.  My hope is to wake up, to find again the organized person I was, to use your wisdom to re-awaken my own.  I am 76 in a few days and have much to sort and neaten up being a collector of quotes and articles and wisdom.  So it is with gratitude that I found this wonderful gift from you.  Thank you…

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  • K. Joe Schrott

    Michael, I want to congratulate you on a book well written and thought out. I’ve just d/l it and I do appreciate the great price break. You are a warrior of the soul my friend, a rare breed indeed. I admire your confidence and purpose. You are on the straight path and only good things will happen.
    God bless,
    K. Joe Schrott

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Joe. I appreciate that.

  • Christine Easthope

    Michael, I have learned so much from you in just one day! I look forward to reading your book and setting up my own life plan! Thank you!

  • Amitavamukherjee

    I am not able to download this from download button. It downloads and gives an error as file is damaged. I want to get it. If you please can help me alternate ways.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, I will have my assistant, Tricia, contact you. Thanks.

  • jane claire bigelow-poindexter

    Hi Michael – just starting you book, but finding information that is already helpful.  I am transitioning from 30 years as a high school teacher of English and drama and English as a second learner, etc.  I am finding that “ordering” my “retired” life is a challenge.  I am alone as my husband and only daughter have passed away.  I have just completed writing a book about my journey with my daughter from her adoption at birth, through her ADHD and into and through our walk through her cancer and her passing away.  I chose to self-publish first because I felt like I needed to get this book in hand as a platform for where I am going next.  I have a couple more book that God has in the works that are coming down the pike.  My desire is to travel and speak with these books.   The second one will be a story-format of Song of Solomon to explain how incredibly much God loves us and how He expresses that so sweetly to us.  I feel like there is an incredible urgency for people to understand God’s love in a new perspective.  The book after that will be called The Glorious We – about why it is so necessary to function inside the body of Christ; especially in the times we live in.  So I will be following your blogs closely…especially on publishing.  Thank you for making this book available.  jane claire

  • Eugenecarbonilla

    Hi, I have downloaded the file but I cannot open it. Thanks

    • Michael Hyatt

      I will have my assistant contact you and help you. Thanks.

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  • N L Fleming

    I am a student living in Holland and by just reading your blog makes me feel that i’m on the right journey. Doing the right things.
    Thx for being YOU and a great Teacher.

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  • Mel

    I so wish I’d written this! Great production and terrific content. Thanks, Michael. 

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  • KColussy

    Thank you from a 28yr veteran college professor! I Shared on Facebook…. Only pray my students follow up and download a copy & do it!. God bless you for sharing this…this has the potential to change a generation. It contains the tools they truly need!

    My caveat is my prayer is that with the download that ….” may the Lord show them what the Father is doing”. ( Jesus ONLY did what he saw
    the Father do). & may they be “safe” for the secrets of God’s heart. Psalm 25:14. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!! KColussy

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  • Lisa-Ann

    I downloaded the e-book and could not stop reading.  I am on board to prepare the plan for my life and wish I had found this earlier.  Really relevant.  Thank God for your gifting.  

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  • Manjari Patrikar

    Very Informative ,You are really Master.
    Thanks for giving us such a wonderful information

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  • Bill Lehmann

    I was looking for “what is a hashtag” and wind up on a life plan!  What is a Life Plan for a disorganized 87 year old 3 year widower?  I shall try to find out!  

    Wesley’s “Do all the Good you can, for as many people as you can, in as many places as you can …. for as long as you can” is basic, but not helpful in decluttering a life.

  • Cdbynes

    Cheryl Holt-Bynes

    Thank you for creating a tool that allows us to examine ourselves and to have a plan for the direction our lives are taking.  At this stage in ife, I’m refocusing on what’s important. This is definitely something I will share with my children and grandchildren to assist them with developing an action plan for their goals.

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  • julien tuyau

    Thank you for this blog

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  • Tabithamoriah

    Life doesn’t always go as planned.  For sure, if I decide to “sleep in” a little longer, the mail lady comes early and brings me a package to the door.  Every day is an adventure on our journey to be with Jesus.  There’s no possible way to be prepared for everything that will happen today or tomorrow, unless we are christians.  With God all things are possible.

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  • Joycelawis

    Thanks for sharing this ebook for free.  I totally agree with everything you said.  I have my own version of Life Mapping which I do on excel but I love how you tie your goals into scripture.  I’ve never thought to do that before.

    I also love your excel spreadsheet’s functionality!  BTW, there’s a typo on Page 57, second last sentence.  :)

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for pointing out the typo!

  • Stanley K. Brubaker

    Blessings on you, Michael,

    I am so blessed and impressed!

    Thanks so much for the “Writing a Fiction Book Proposal” eBook. I just discovered it, and you, last evening, purchsed, it, and read it aloud to my wife. Excellent!

    And I hadn’t even noticed that I would get a free “Life Plan” eBook … so I downloaded THAT half an hour ago, and AGAIN felt like I was getting a huge 94-page bonus… (told my wife ‘that book’s getting cheaper all the time’)…

    …and half way through THAT, I click on a link to your free “Annual Time Block” spreadsheet with template…

    I don’t where it will stop, but thanks a lot. You’ve been a big encouragement to me already; ‘may your tribe increase.’
    –Stan Brubaker

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Stan. I appreciate that!

  • LeonDavid

    Planing my life is something that I’ve neglected a lot. I am going to download your ebook. I look forward leaning more from you.

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    Mr. Michael, this life plan change my live 180 degrees.. Your truly a blessing from God.. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom! =)

  • Shuannii Whitlock

    I want to be definite and secure with my life plan and this has encouraged my to the fullest!  I was in a world of uncertainty almost too long. Thank you!

  • Elizabeth Pilgrim

    Wow I just stumbled upon your website during my search for ‘accountability’! I will definitely utilise the tools and resources provided and also share with my peers! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  • Cathcart Boy

    This is an excellent guide and workbook, written not by a professional coach, with the flowery lack of reality which that can entail, but by a sound, experienced professional and family man in middle life or later. I thoroughly commend this to any who would enquire. If you follow me on Twitter you will already know that! Have a blessed Easter Week, deeply reflective Good Friday and glorious Resurrection Sunday!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate it!

  • David Kinnon

    Pardon me if this is an inappropriate question, but are you the DR Frisbie who worked with Ocean Systemes Engineering as part of the Oceaneering Intl Inc group in the 1980’s and 1990’s? With thanks for a reply and apology if impertinent in your view. Kind regards

  • Jolie101415

    We are 3 women who are in various stages & ages in our lives (42, 58, 68+) – sort of the 3 Decades Dollies.  We feel we are at a perfect place to make new life decisions and follow a new plan for our lives. We are all divorced, 2 of us with kids our of the home, the 42 yr old has 3 kids at home, cleans houses for a living, has her degree in art and is very talented. In fact, she has a design having to do with (funny to me) horses that kids would like! She has already written a book & has a quirky sense of humor that fits perfect with her horsey-personalities!  I believe she has a teffice product that many will love!  So as we sat here this afternoon, I told them about your Life Plan Book – and am trying to download it to a disc so I can give each a copy – and we start working on it separately yet come together to work out stumbling blocks we face together!  I am the Matriarch (Mom Bert), Heather is the artist, and Barbara is the retired teacher.  We are ALL ready for new plans and directions. Heather has removed a user/loser out of her life and is ready for full steam ahead towards her dreams, Barbara wants to make extra money to supplement her income (she just started selling AVon), and I am the by default mother to them grandmother to the children… and friend to all. Heather and I are going to be cooking for  a lady in our church that just lost 2 family members – we will do this this week.  But my goal is to film people who have been touched by God and had remarkable God Experiences (You should hear the stories of how God has freed them from a gambling addiction, a pastor from homosexuality, and a young girl at age 13 who knows her FAther and desires to be a missionary. But mostly I want to video tape these people about their God Experiences. My life work has been in career counseling so I have spent about 25 yrs interviewing people to talk…. people seem to be  comfortable talking with me (and I talk about the God who has made this world, the Holy Spirit who speaks to us and guides us, and our saviour who truly SAVED us.  I want to video tape the stories of what people have experienced with the God in their lives and show this in churches — and would love to show this in prisons, too.  

    This is how the 3 Decade Dolleys want to use your Life Plan.  We are all excited!!  This Life Plan will trickle down to Heather’s 14 and 15 yr old (incredible) kids.  So we want this go genrational… we would also like this to be used in our youth group at church. 

    We have high ambitions for all of us…. and for helping others….  thanks for writing this. Now, to get this Life Plan onto a disk that I can give to the other 2 and the kids….. we want to make a difference in this world!

    Much blessings to you and thanks for your guidance….

    Mom Bert   (Savarese)
    311 Alexander Rd
    Long Beach, MS 39560

    • Michael Hyatt

      Good for you Mom Bert. My prayers are with you!

  • Ekaythema

    I believe this book is very timely, practical and easy to follow. I’ve always wanted to know how to write a life-plan as it is something that my Bishop always talks about. Thank you so much for this useful resource. May you keep up the good work. I’m most blessed and wish you long life. I aspire to be like you and go beyond the standard that you have set!!!

  • Tim

    I’m in the process of becoming a life coach and the Life Planning book would be a great addition to my library. I also look forward to your daily insights. Since I live in the Nashville area, I’d welcome a chance to meet you in person sometime. Thank you, Michael.

  • Philip DelRe

    Dear Michael, 

    I am just finishing a book entitled: God the Final Frontier-How to Develop a Personal Relationship with Your Creator. It’s loaded with spectacular photographs. I need a killer cover and a super layout. Yours has both. Would you be willing to tell me who did your Life Plan book? Thank you. 
    Philip DelRe 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your kind words. I actually did it myself.

  • Shijie0106

    thank you for the good stuff

  • Jonathan Bradshaw

    Thank you for your posts and this E-book. This is something I have dabbled in for a couple of years but have never had much success due to the fact I haven’t devoted the proper time to apply it to my life. I lead a very busy life: Married, father of three with the oldest being 4, I own my own dental practice, and I am very active in my church where I also lead a small group. So as you can imagine this will be very useful to me. However, I was wondering if you have any specific advice to fathers of young children? Anything that you would like to share from ways you got it right or things you wished you had done would be much appreciated!

  • simon @ bagsforhighschool

    what a great little e-book. i like the ideas. i’m downloading it now.

  • Gary Borgstede

    Thanks Michael for writing your Life Plan eBook and making it available for Free through a free subscription to your e-mail newsletter. I have been directing many leaders in my circle of influence to your site so they can download the Free Life Plan eBook and also begin writing their own Life Plan.  It serves as a great encouragement and resource tool for helping people to write down the vision for their life and start living life on purpose. Thanks again and have a blessed day!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks so much for your kind words.

  • Peterwills78

    thank you , am motivated by this idea

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  • Gareth

    I’m enjoying the book Michael.  You provide solid life advice and direction both in the eBook and on your Website.  The only criticism that I have relates to the format of the PDF.  It doesn’t play well with my iPhone PDF reader.

    As PDF is a cross platform format, I would encourage a modification in the PDF structure to make it friendlier to any platform.

  • Shalu Sharma

    You are a absolutely right. I have no life plant. I must look into taking control of my life. 

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  • Integritydev

    Michael, the Live Plan is an outstanding wakeup call on a number of levels.  Certainly the formal planning is outstanding but the thinking through each step or phase is even more valuable as an experiential life learning asset. 
    Thank you and with your permission I would like to refer people to your site to partake of this valuable experience and I would like to use some of it in my efforts to educate other leaders through my work.

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  • Shantell Jones

    I am on my second business at age 27. Lately, things have not been going well for me. However, I have found strength in God to push forward. And last night I asked Him to show me what it is I need to get in order. Then it came to me. I need a plan. I can visualize myself where I want to be. I know that I can use my current business to do other things. I wrote down what I want and how I want things to be when I get “there”.  But I have NO plan on how I am going to get there. This evening I decided to do some research and I came across you. All I can say is thank you. God Bless! 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Awesome. I hope you find the e-book helpful.

  • Michael

    One of the greatest guides I’ve read. I love the whole aspect of planning and living on purpose.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your encouragement!

  • wendy

    Thank you so much for offering this!!  Our church is preparing to go through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and as the coordinator/leader I couldn’t help incorporating  the “Life Plan” book in our materials.  Great guide, great information!  The worksheets are so helpful.  Thank you so much!

  • Pride In

    Thank you for the ebook! I am looking very forward to applying the principles!

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  • ofwnurse

    This e-book changed my life… thank you very much! 

  • Cedahlia

    we are having a problem downloading the pdf. please help. thank you

  • Pingback: How to Weed Out Distractions and Live an Intentional Life | BillintheBlank()

  • sohbet

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  • would never pay for this

    actually you know shit about life. the best goal in life is no goal. life isnt about worrying about ending up at the wrong destination, its about experiencing life and seeing and being apart of all those destinations. to an honestly content and happy soul, there is no such thing as a wrong destination, as all the greatest prophets in history teach. not some work-a-holic trying to sell an e-book.

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  • Kyle Winchell

    HI! I love your blog. I am the Family Shelter Director at the Peoples City Mission in Lincoln, NE. I would like to go over doing a Life Plan with our guests in our life skills class time. How would you suggest to go over this with them? Any suggestions? It would be a great motivation and tool for them as they walk thru and recover. Thanks!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I have used the life planning book with my mentoring group. I broke into three parts, corresponding to the three parts of the book. I taught and then gave them time to work on each part. We did it during a weekend retreat. Thanks.

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  • Fahad A

    Thank you Michael. May Almighty bliss you and your family with joy and happiness your entire life. You are a good person no doubt about that.

  • toships

    Life is a mixed bundle of unpredictable incidents so planning fails sometimes.

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  • Laura Bennet

    Great! So helpful to have a tool with substance and practicality. I can’t wait to get started with it. Thank you for sharing.

  • CMWeaver

    Thanks for reminding me of how being intentional is so necessary. 

  • Eyad

    Honestly, this work is one of best and well-designed I have ever come across. I like the way you design it with all simplicity and richness of examples and endoresments. I truely thank you for that and wish you a great future.



    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Eyad. I appreciate that.

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  • Wendy Key

    Thanks again Micheal for all that you do. You inspire me!!!

  • Pingback: My 7 Favorite Blog Posts |()

  • Pingback: MCR 028: Are Life Plans Crap? - Man Cave Radio()


    My teenage son JJ, friend Cody, and I all worked through this eBook about a year ago. This week, we had fun recording an episode about where we are now after putting it into action. Hint: I am eagerly working toward my 90-day goals for this quarter, while Cody discovered that our recording took place exactly one year after the last time he touched his life plan.

    All the best, Jesse

    • Michael Hyatt

      Awesome, Jesse!

    • Joe Lalonde

       Wow! That’s pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing your story.

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  • Zitaconsani

    Thank you for your obvious sincerity and commitment in helping others.  A well-structured e-book that makes good planning seem possible, even to the but-I’ve-already-got-too-much-on-my-plate-people.

  • Jonathan Van Horn

    Michael, I would love to use this ebook with some of the men I am mentoring.  Having already read the ebook and applying it, I believe these men would be greatly impacted by it. Would like to give these men a hard copy and digital copy; but wanted to make sure I was able to have it printed out for them as well as share the digital pdf.  Again, thank you for all that you write and share; challenged, encouraged and spurred on daily by you!  


    • Michael Hyatt

      If you don’t mind, have them sign up for their own copy and then you are welcome to print it out. Thanks.

      • Jonathan Van Horn

        Ok Thanks.  I will have them sign up themselves.  Sorry for the late reply.  Thanks again!

  • Kathy Chruma

    So to the point and simple to follow.  A great resource.

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  • Jeffrey De Wee

    Michael, thanks for this great tool and guide. Definitely a great resource as I am trying find myself and re-evaluating my life and purpose. Once again thanks for this great guide…

  • Pingback: Something Learned From Monty Python | Dadford()

  • Wes Holton

    Michael, thank you for offering this e-book for free. I have been very encouraged by reading it, as my life seems to be filling up with more and more oppurtunities and responsibities. Your book has helped remind me that I can accomplish everything that God has entrusted me to do, and in an excellent manner.

    Thank you again, and I’m praying that God will bless you.

  • Jen Kraakevik

    As a 23 year old trying to find what are my values, your book has allowed me to break it down. I am at a point in my life where I don’t know what I want to do as far as work, and my goals are changing dramatically and I feel extremely out of place because my priorities (that are unspoken and unwritten) are different than my family’s. With beginning to start the Life Plan, I think I will begin to organize my life so that I can do the things that I want to. Thinking about those goals will help me decide the important next steps. Thank you for your book. It has been a good direction in a time of misdirection and figuring things out.

  • mazin85

    Beautiful free e-book…thank you. I also downloaded the Kindle Version of Platform, Get Noticed in a Noisy World because I like your style very much.  I plan to check out your website often.

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  • Alex Valladares

    Mike thank you very much for your gift. I am sure that your teaching will enrich my life and my work. I teach leadership in a Christian college in Guatemala. See you soon.

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  • CoronaAdvances

    this is exactly what I have been searching for a long time, thank you 

  • Ser Pin Sim

    Thank you for sharing this, I would have paid for these tips, but thanks for giving away this valuable resource! 
    At first I thought this one of those get a vision, mission statement and goals settings exercises, but this book is different, it provides me with clarity of thought and practical steps to execute in my life. Thanks again! 

  • Ted Schachter

    Hi Michael,
    I discovered you and your blog and The Creating Your Personal Life Plan through Amazon recommendations of books. I really enjoyed reading your entries and am using the Life Plan ebook to focus and organize all my projects. It is very useful and very well written.
    I only have one small observation and that is that out of the 94 pages only 52 pages were of content. The remaining pages were either endorsements, resources and a lot of blank worksheets that were available for download. It is free and I am grateful for you making it available, but if I had paid I would have felt cheated by the fact that 40% was “fluff”.
    I look forward to your emails and I will continue reading your blog. All in all very good stuff.

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  • Gmcclure

    Michael:  I just discovered you.  You are an inspiration. Great website.  A good friend recommended your Platform book which i just got from Amazon.  I would love to connect over the phone as I have written a book which I am now submitting to agents.  My website is Walk Tall  Do you have a moment to talk over the phone one day this week or next?  I would love to get your thougths as I am a new author.

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  • muitz

    i know this will be the best thing i will ever read and work on.

  • pftaylor61

    This is a very good eBook. However, I had to do a little adjustment to be able to read it, as I am using it on a Kindle, and this makes the landscape pages 90 degrees to what they should be. As I have software for editing pdfs, I simply rotated all the pages by 90 degrees, and now it is easier to read.

    However, my suggestion to your readers, if offering a free eBook, would be to make it available in a Kindle-compatible format, as well as pdf. This can be done using free software, called Mobipocket Creator. This product can cope with inputting Word files, though, if you know what you are doing, it is better to use html files. You can generate these from your word documents, and then use an html “cleaner” to remove the excess Microsoft coding. There are several websites that do this for free. Mobipocket also allows you to input image files for things like the cover. The file generated by Mobipocket is a .prc file, which is pretty much the same as the Amazon .azw file, but without the DRM. For my own free eBook, I made the .prc file, and then zipped it, and uploaded it to my WordPress site, to be managed by a free plugin called WordPress Download Manager, which records how many downloads have occurred. I also placed instructions on the website for how to use the file; the Kindle should be attached to your computer by USB, then the .prc file is copied into the Kindle Documents folder, after which the book appears on the Home page menu.

    The time involved in creating this Kindle-compatible book is not very great. Once the Word file had been created, the eBook was produced in about 15 minutes.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks. Hopefully, I can get around to doing this soon.

      • Paul Taylor

         I think people might find fuller instructions than I gave in the comment useful – especially as a Kindle-compatible eBook can be made for free! So over the next couple of days, I am going to post a set of instructions on how to make a FREE Kindle-compatible eBook on my blog, And I will turn those posts into a Kindle-compatible book on making Kindle-compatible books.

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  • Aaron Coon

    It’s all about intentional living. I like what you said about not “sleep-walking” through life. Too many times I find myself going with the flow and then I wonder, “What happened?” This is a great reminder about the necessity to make a written plan and to pursue it. The key is also action. You can’t accomplish anything in life (whether it be family, business, finances etc…) by sitting around waiting for things to come to you. You have to be willing to get up, do the hard work, and intentionally go after those things. 

    Great book! 

  • Synapstic

    I know this was written over two years ago, but I just recently found
    your blog and have found so much that is useful. I have put together
    many goals and objectives plans but never a life plan! ::  ::

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  • cheap accountant

    A very interesting read and a great perspective on life. I must say I believe that life planning comes naturally to me, maybe I’m lucky in that respect.

  • Joseph Mutisya

      I was the John C. Maxwell’s Conference “A Day about Books.” I bought two copies of your book: Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.” I was supposed to get a code to download the kindle version and the audio plus an event you did but unfortunately I forgot to go back for it. Is there a way I can get it?

  • Pingback: How Do You Define Success? « anthonyhuntley()

  • Yamentou Ndzogoue Lionnel

    Thanks Michael!



  • Judith Robl

    Thank you, Michael. I’ve downloaded the e-book and skimmed.  However, I will be printing and marking up. Valuable stuff, this.

  • Joseph Mutisya

    I downloaded and read the ebook and now I am working on developing my life plan. However, I attended the John Maxwell “A Day about Books” in West Palm Beach, Florida and bought two copies of your book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World,” and I was told by buying two copies I would get a code for downloading the e-book and the audio. Unfortunately, I did not get the code. Is there a way I can get it.

    Joseph Mutisya
    jvuvai@yahoo:disqus .com

    • Michael Hyatt

      Please write to my assistant, Tricia at She can help you. Thanks.

  • Patrick

    Michael – This is fantastic.  I am trying to fight against my nature to read through the book and get it back on the shelf so that I can read through the next one.  I am working slowly, deliberately, and prayerfully to make this into a real plan.

    My real hope is that my family will see a difference in me because of it and that I can motivate my sons to develop their plans early and follow where the Lord wants them to go.

    Thanks for writing this.

    PS – I start Platform on audio next.

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     thanks micheal, but do u have a lot to offer us

  • Pingback: The 7 Habits of Powerhouse Leaders «

  • weeklyyypost

    Before I start, I always make a plan. It was not different in my life also. I have a plan about my life and career progress.

    iPod Touch

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  • Paul Benson

    Michael: enjoying reading your new book, thanks so much, we are struggling but building our platform for our book that comes out next month: 5 Steps to thrive, rewire any crisis into opportunity,

    High Point Executive Publishing is our publisherthanksPaul Benson

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  • Thuli

    I really want to get my life in order, oly if I can get help in this regard, for me to live my Purpose.

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  • Getachew433

    I am very interested in ur idea. i also need ur advice to start owen business.

  • Ted Lederer

    Michael, all I can say is ‘Thank You!’

  • Kerala holiday villas

    Thanks for posting this informative post. I like the content because its very easy to understand. And the topic captures my attention. Keep on posting like this and more power!

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    step one is admitting you are powerless

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  • Jonathan Wold

    Michael, your guide was very helpful. I’m going to put it ino action.

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  • Kater-ade_05

    Mr. Hyatt,

    I’m a 26 year old stay at home mom, trying to keep up with my to-do lists and conquer all of my weaknesses.  Finally, it dawned on me that even though I’m trying hard I try to move my wheels, the problem is the mud that’s underneath them–not the hard-working wheels that are spinning away in honest effort.  I asked my husband if he could take a day off from work so that I can have a personal day…not to shop or fine-dine, but to pray, plan, and reflect.  I told him that I think I’ll need this at least twice a year if not more.  He was supportive and also liked the idea for himself.  

    He stumbled upon your book and urged me to take a look.  This morning I woke at 2:30, unable to sleep–thinking how much the day ahead of me needs more of a plan, but how to go about it effectively?  Will it last?  I want a plan for more than a day or a month or a year.  I read your book later this morning.  I’d have to say that it is an answer to prayer.  Now when I get my first personal day (to come later this month!), I have a template to create my plan with and ideas to guide my life in an organized, planned, and purposeful manner.  

    I cannot wait to share your book with others, and would like to thank you for making this book filled with your revelation from God free of charge for others to benefit from.  I also hope I can raise my children with these principles in mind as they grow so that they plan on purpose from a young age and continue that habit for the rest of their lives.  

    Many thanks,

    Katie Sugden

    • Michael Hyatt

      Awesome, Katie. Thanks for sharing your story. I pray that the life plan exercise works well for you.

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  • Pathwaysplett

    Sincere. Open. Superbly practical and it has been put together extremely well

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  • Cholttaylor

    How about an ePub version? 

    • Michael Hyatt

      That probably won’t happen for a while. I am working on a completely new edition of the book with a co-author. When that is finished, we plan to make it available in print and all digital editions.

  • Chol C. Caldito

    Thanks for this Michael! I have always wondered how can I create a life plan? Where do I start? There’s so many resources out there but I want to be guided in a christian way. I think God answered me with this. You are a channel of God’s blessing and wisdom through this book. God bless you Mr. Hyatt! And I pray for more success and happiness in your life!

  • Michael Hyatt


  • Treona

    I just read through your e-book and am excited to use the process you have outlined to help me plan out some important steps I have been thinking of taking.  Your worksheets and excel calendar are incredible, I am especially excited about the excel calendar.  Wow, thank you for sharing this information and getting me started with a wonderful outline!

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  • Crystal Zhao

    Dear Michael,

    I just got and read your suggestion for a life plan and your knowledge of creating it.  It is very informative and inspiring. I realize it would empower the rest of my life greatly if I could make  an honest, objective and applicable plan. I’ll start now. Thank you for this great idea and the template. 

    May God bless you!

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  • Jadecampbell

    Hi Michael, thanks for a wonderful life plan to adopt.     I have had a similar background, round the same age group  and can relate enormously to your experiences.
    Thank you for being a fabulous exponent of the art of “pulling ones socks up” and taking control of your life, more importantly being humble enough to share with others.
    You have inspired me to do the same- I had started on the journey, with various time management software etc related to getting my business online, which is a massive learning curve in itself – but Now I See the LIFE PLAN is crucial to my success.
    Kind Regards,
    Jade Campbell  

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your kind words, Jade.

  • Sean F-D

    Comments,comments everywhere…..

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  • Daniel Norman

    What about the priorities?

    Just read the book, as I am working on a life goal plan so I can have a solid vision to launch from and live to my full potential, but had a a question about the priorities. 
    My question is why or how do you prioritize yourself as second in light of being a Christian?

    Second part of the question, how this affected your prioritizing compared to if you put yourself last?

    First i’d like to say i don’t want to come off as accusative and be like, ‘how dare you call yourself a christian and then give out free ebooks that teach people to put themselves before others!’ That is not what this is about, as I did see some posts similar to that already :/

    Now with that out of the way I want to say I’m having a hard time putting together your reasoning in the book for placing yourself above others. In the book you reason that if we are to love others as we love ourselves we must first love ourselves. Sounds logical, but being raised that joy is Jesus Others Yourself, I had to take a double take. First I reasoned that if we are to love our neighbor as ourself than that sounds to me like the priority of others and myself are on par. However with further study I came across Philippians 2:3

     ‘Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves’. 

    It seems really strait forward to me that we are to put others as more important than us. So being a Bible teacher and mentor yourself, how do you reconcile this?

    So that comes to the second part of the question. How has prioritizing yourself as second changed your life plan compared to if you put your self after others? Or another way of asking would be what would your life plan look like if you put yourself after others?

    Thanks, I look forward to your response.

    I also want to say I enjoy your podcast and Blog and have your book Platform on the to read list. As well, this book was a big help and a good place to start.

    Daniel Norman

    • Michael Hyatt

      You said you read the book, but I am confused, because I provide the rationale on pp. 13–14. I essentially say that I put myself second in order to serve others. If I don’t take care of myself, I don’t have the resources I need to be useful to others. Honestly, I don’t know what I can say beyond what I said on those pages.

      • Daniel Norman

        Yes, I read those pages several times to see if I was missing something. Maybe I don’t understand what you are saying. Since you said you were confused i’ll explain whats going on in my head.

        To me it seems that what you are saying is, if we don’t put ourself before others we will never take care of ourselves. This seems like a false assumption, if that is what you are saying?When you say, “Some people put themselves at the bottom of their priorities list, but I think this is a false—and very dangerous —piety. We are in a much better position to serve others when our basic spiritual, emotional, and physical needs are met.”, I don’t see the rational that just because one puts themselves after others means they won’t take care of themselves. Just because you put ministry at the bottom doesn’t mean you don’t take care of your ministry.So, It still looks like a direct contradiction of scripture to me. The example of where one’s wife should be on the list; is one not called as a husband to love their wife as Christ loved the church? Jesus put not only his physical health but his whole life down for the church.

        Putting ourselves above others seems like a lie. I know if your family was starving you would feed them before you fed your self or even go without.

        So this is my understanding of what that section is saying and the logical contradictions I see in it. So is this what you are meaning or am I misunderstanding?


        • Michael Hyatt

          I don’t disagree with you in an emergency or extraordinary circumstances. But we (hopefully) don’t live our lives in perpetual emergency. Jesus kept himself alive for thirty-three years before He chose to lay down his life for the world.
          If you truly wanted to put others first all the time, how could you ever eat another meal (there are starving people, after all), buy another pair of shoes (there are barefoot people, after all), or doing anything for yourself?
          I’ll keep thinking about this. Maybe there is a better way to say it.

        • Ed

          Daniel, I think you might be getting hung up on the wording used, rather than the actual concept in practice.

          The way I read it, “putting me first” is simply another way of saying that I need to make sure my “battery” is “fully charged”, else I am useless to anyone.  And that is and must be a priority for all of us.

          A mother must make time for herself away from the kids, or she’ll burn out and have nothing left to give.  Likewise, a man of business, ministry, or other work must take time to eat, sleep, and otherwise make sure his health is good, or he can’t give to others.  (Don’t know about you, but I’m doing a whole lot of ministry while I’m in bed with the flu!!)  Haven’t you ever told your wife, child, or friend “I’d love to, but I’m exhausted and about to drop!”?  Even Jesus went away by Himself to rest and pray, while there were so many that still needed His touch.

          The tipping point, I think, comes when we take this past the necessary self-maintenance into self-indulgence.  One morning my wife looked at me and asked, “Do you really have to go to work today?”  Of course not!  But if I did that every day, we’d have neither food nor house.

          As it works out in normal daily practical life, as I spend myself for others, I _must_ make sure I do not run myself into the ground.  That means I need to keep an eye on my “meter”, and put replenishing myself above the needs of others for the time needed to recharge.  In urgent situations, like Michael said, it’s a whole different story – but normal daily life isn’t made up of urgent situations.  In normal practical daily living, if I fail here, I fail God and those He’s given me to touch and hold up.

          (PS – I think if you read Philippians in context, you’ll see that Paul is speaking to a church under fire from persecution, and he’s admonishing them to maintain a servant’s heart and think of others while in the middle of pressure to save their own skins.  That would be the “urgent situation” scenario, not our normal daily grind.)

      • Daniel Norman

        P.S. I Know you said you try to take care of emails etc. in two minutes or less or move it into the take care of later or delegate. Please don’t take care of this in two minutes. I know your busy but please take time to think about it. Thanks :)

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  • Faizan khan

    i m a dr.khan from india  i found your book to be  an excellent guide for my life and i thank you for writing such a beautifull book  and may allah give you reward for helping out the people like me who are really in need of such guidance
    thank you

  • Anton Gorodetsky

    Michael, thank you so much for this! Sincerely hope that more and more people would get aware of your book, blog and other social activity!

    Have shared the book myself. Greetings from Russia!

  • Josephndovi

    sadly I can’t download the book. Is it possible to email it to my address

    • Michael Hyatt

      I will ask my assistant to help you. Thanks.

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    Hi MH, I was just surfing in the net without any aim / purpose, identically I fund your topic and then searched, found our free E book 
    I decided to follow the technique what you described in yr e book and keep you posted about my personal feeling,, I found some light has been shown to get my life goals, thanks much, 
    best wishes,

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  • Ferrao792002

    Hello Michael,
    My name is Joanne and I reside in a suburb right outside of Boston. I am a 32 soon to be 33 year old female who was always told what to do growing up. This was fine until one day, I had to think for myself and it resulted in loosing a 5 year long relationship with the man I htought I would spend the rest of my life with and then loosing my childhood friends all by the age of 24! I dove right into a heavy depression, anxiety and just went through the motions of life iwthout an feelings other than hurt, self hurt,  and self hatrid. I am now almost 33, and now ready to start over. But how?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I hope you will take time to read the Life Plan book. I think it will get you started.

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  • CallieDelBraie

    I wish I had this type of material when I was younger. I know it’s never too late to start but it is more difficult to change as we age. I believe in God, I just thought He had a plan for us and these things happened in His time. Now by reading this I have to do my share. Thank you for offering your experience and hopefully with God’s help I can change my life even at my age.

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  • france

    i am a college student and have been worried sick about what will become of my future. i knew that i needed to find a way to feel in control of my future.  After reading “Creating Your Personal Life Plan” i can immediately see a structure that can and will help me build upon getting control of my life in terms of where and how i see myself in the future.

  • france

    Thank you for this e- book Micheal.  It has already be of great help just by reading it.

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  • Justin Hockey

    Just started reading your eBook. Wow. I need to get away and do this. Thank you.

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    Awesome stuff Senor Hyatt!  

  • Jokurut

    Michael, I need to get in touch with you. Kindly avail me your email and I will get to you. Thanks.


  • Vedanayagam G

    The art Of Thinking….

    How to plan your life.. Also be happy…  Check dis out..

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  • Jirehtrust777

    Right now I am fed up with this book. reason, I can’t even download it. My download bombs out everytime when it reaches about 35% of the download. Ifg you can help me to actually complete the downI will comment on the book once perused.

    • Michael Hyatt

      I apologize for this situation. I will have my assistant e-mail you a copy of the e-book or send you an alternate download link. We have not received any other complaints, so hopefully it is just something temporary.

  • Isaac

    Thank you very much for the willingness to share in our growth

  • Stan Buck

    Thanks Michael – good stuff in these – especially for those of us who could’ make the trip to Atlanta this year!


    Dr. Stan Buck
    Pastor, Sonris UM Chuch (Fort Wayne, IN)

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  • Hajay21

    Thanks!  Look forward to diving into it.

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  • Ed

    I haven’t finished reading this yet – need to block out some time this weekend for that.  Then it’ll probably have to wait until an upcoming long holiday weekend to actually do the work.

    Already, though, it strikes me that *right here* is where most people (including me!) have been failing in life.  We like to live a “comfy” life – soft, flexible, not too rigid or constrained – and yet still get the results others do with more focused and dedicated lives.

    To be absolutely honest, I do not like this!!  Yet I know that without something like it, I will never live the life God meant me to have, including bearing the fruit and touching others as He has already designed for that life.

    • Ed

      I *knew* I’d seen something similar!  It’s Seth Godin’s “ShipIt Journal”.

      I personally have problems with this sort of exercise.  Once you put it down on paper, and especially if you share it with someone, you own it and you’re responsible for execution.  It’s really much more comfortable to keep things hazy in thought and talk about stuff in generalities (like I’m doing in this sentence!), than to make and commit to concrete plans.

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  • Tom

    Just a quick functionality comment:  The opt-in box in the sidebar of your site doesn’t seem to work right. When I opted in there it took me to a separate page with another opt-in box on it. I would think this is an extra step that shouldn’t be there!? Thaanks for your work and inspiration!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for catching this! Andrew, my web developer, just fixed it.

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    im very greatful to be come part of your subscribers, hopefully im ging to enjoy this big gift from you.  may almighty bless you and do more.

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  • pmanyanza

    Michael, thanks a lot for taking your time and writing this awesome book. I believe it is absolutely vital for everybody to have a clear vision and direction of where they are going. I love your podcast and your blog, thanks for adding value to my life and to countless other people!!!

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  • Joe Dos Santos

    I recently attended the Millionaire Mindset Seminar in South Africa hosted by Conray Labuschagne, one of our leading motivational speakers in S.A. and owner of Work Your Wealth of which I am a member. It was an absolutely brilliant seminar, life changing. My main focus after the seminar was implementing my Life Plan. Michael, you are a Godsend, your e-book is absolutely brilliant and has helped me put in an incredible plan. All your advise, worksheets and life plan template were invaluable to me! Thank you so much!!! Joe Dos Santos.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Joe. I appreciate your encouragement!

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  • Jpaul

     Michael, as an author, speaker, minester and life coach this really helps connect the dots of a lot I have developed. Thank you Jeffrey Paul

  • Chrishajash

    You lost me with your first mention of GOD. My wife and kids come before a Santa Clause, the Easter bunny and oh yeah…..GOD. 

  • Bouwer Debra

    Outstanding work michael always amzing how one “stumbles” across sites needed at the time well I know its Gods hand in it. I took huge leap of faith and following my passion as Coach & NLP practioner but have so much to learn would love to read your book. I like the idea too of “Simplicity”

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Debra. I appreciate that.

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  • Evarown

    Dear Michael~Thank You for taking the time and to create and elaborate for me, your e-book audience, from your talent and time working with a Professional Life Coach. I’m only a third of the way through the material, yet it is substantial, clear and truly beneficial. I appreciate your clear, concise and honest approach to looking at a possibly confusing subject–yet, with your kindness and willingness to share what you learned, I feel that this task of Creating My Life Plan is hopeful, calm and filled with God’s grace to make it happen.  God is so good! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. Best, EB

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  • Bodie Quirk

    Thank you for offering this fabulous resource for free. What a treat. I can’t wait to start building my own.

  • 123


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  • Dzung Bui

    Thanks, I’ll read the book right now!

  • Matthew D. Upchurch

    Michael, I’m the Chairman & CEO of Virtuoso.  We are a community of travel agencies and travel suppliers serving 2 million high-end travelers and are considered the world’s leading luxury (experiential) travel network.  During the financial crisis we stopped to re-imagine our role in the world and our purpose – that lead to a simple but powerful message, we are NOT in the travel business we are in the Return on Life ™ business. We collaborate with our clients to maximize their most valuable non-renewable asset; their free leisure time.

    I love your Life Plan.  I’m also a long time client of Dan Sullivan’s The Strategic Coach who has made a big difference in my evolution as an entrepreneur but this tool helps bring all the “accounts’ into one.

    BTW, you’d be surprised how little thought and planning really is done by most people on their vacations.  Sure, they scramble do visit an average of 29 sites in 9 sessions to try and create a life-energy-worthy experience but that’s not planning in our world – having a vision of how your travels can enhance you as a human being and thinking about it along the lines of your life stages is real Return on Life planning.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Matthew D. Upchurch

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks for your thoughts, Matthew. I’m glad you found the book helpful. Love how you have defined your business!

  • Johnny Robinson

    Definitely a great piece of material, especially for such a low price *laughs*.

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     I am interested in knowing how to motivate and evangelize MEN. Men and Youths are disappearing in the Church, as a Pastor, I am deeply worried. Help. Thanks.

  • Ngoducdung Hp

    Thank you

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  • Ayi Eric EKUE

    Hi is rith about it what I’m thinking of sheduling since subscription datum few days ago.Registry Michael is not so bad is well.Soon comes

  • Roman Northcut

    This is an amazing book.  Its easy to read and super practical.  Step by step solution to plan and live your dream life.

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    I would definately recommend your information to any serious person,thank you!

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  • Caroline

    Thank you Michael.
    I have printed a copy of the life plan and am planning a New Years trip to the coast with my spouse. He is inspired to make a plan for the coming year as well as the years to follow. I am sure many good things will happen with having an inspirational plan/ Your leadership podcast has been so helpful to me on my journey through my own leadership position.
    Best wished for the New Year.

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  • Aquariusjeff

    yes, please make a book, im old school, cant download even with adobe.

    • Yolliez

      I would like to second the motion! A book should be published and should be in public and school libraries.

  • Blake Ensign

    Michael, this is an excellent booklet.  I found the background to the pages visually inviting and the content an easy and practical read. 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Blake. I appreciate that.

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  • Yolliez

    Awesome! I have to create a Life Plan in order to graduate from high school and I;m sure this will help a lot! I’ve already saved it to my flash drive and sent it to both of my emails. Thank you sooo much! Although I do wish I could have this book in paperback just because i like to write, highlight, and fold pages. Something technology can not substitute. I’m young and growing up in a world of technology but I’m definitely old fashioned.

  • Anna Rook

    Just read your book.  Really looking forward to creating my plan and being more proactive about where I’m headed. I  am a stay-home-mom of  2 little boys (1 and 3).  My life looks much
    different from yours.  My clients are probably much more demanding. haha!  Your sample entries were helpful but I would love to see some entries from another SAHM. 

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  • Janessawilliams23

    Wheres the template?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Did you try the link in the e-book? You can find the template here.

  • Christine O’Kelley

    Great read! I appreciate the simplicity & stream line approach to a vast & complex topic. I highly recommend!

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  • mem

    The file was damaged and could not be opened!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Reader. The error message you got is typical if you have an older version installed. Thanks.

  • Julie

    Michael, I am truly impressed! You have put a lot of thought, effort and heart into this!
    Thank you for all you do. I love all your podcast episodes (which I think I have listened to all of them), and all the tools and suggestions you constantly give (yes give) us!
    What sacrifice of time you have given for all of us.
    Thanks again, you have been a huge impact in my life and career! 

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Julie. I appreciate you taking time to comment.

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  • siyakapoor

    parsnal life is correct 

  • siya kapoor

    fuel for my retreat tomorrow (Canada Day holiday). It is time to review
    my “Proactive Living” document. I like the remembering and envisioning
    ideas. I will look this over and review how I do mine. Thank you Mike.


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  • Sharon lewis

    Amazing! I read and follow Becoming a coaching leader and was kinda stuck at how to start a Life Plan myself and help others do so…. Thank you so much for being sooooo precise and making this very,very important exercise detailed, yet simple and do-able… Thank you Michael. You’re an inspiration…. god bless

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  • Richard Evans

    Hi Micheal, loved the opportunity of reading your book. I find you have used a number of concepts which others who write in this field have not, which is awesome.
    If you don’t mind I would like to reference it in my own ebook and I would like to link it to my blog (once it is functional).
    I have a question … is there a template provider that you can refer that configures ebooks? Or do you do it yourself, if so what program do you use?

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  • Jen

     I LOVED reading this book.  I’ve been blogging for a four months with a focus on women’s ministry regarding my my experience with stillbirth, miscarriage, and infertility.  I’m working on building my blog in preparation for a book I’ve written.  These tips are amazing, not just from the focus of building a ministry, but for every aspect of personal day-to-day life.  

    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Jen! Glad you liked it.

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  • Krish Murali Eswar

    Michael, thank you. I wrote an ebook documenting the reasons of the pain and misery in my life. I give it away for free to anyone who wishes to have it. There is no need to register or give your email id to download it. I would like to express my gratitude for giving me your ebook free.

  • muhirwa jonathan

    i want to be helped  haw the life  should   arrive on the desires of his owner by following different steps   personal life plan.

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  • Dray

    Michael you have done an amazing job of enlighteneing all of us
    that we need to get our priorities in life in order.  Yes, a career is important
    but there is so much more to being happy.  

    My motto is ” Live each day with passion.  Strive to make a difference 
    in the lives of many”

    You have achieved this!
    Thank you 

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  • Del P

    Hi Michael, Im so sure it’s God work to lead me to your blog through a simple Google search I attempted the other day (I can’t remember for what now!). I was actually at a stage in life where everything was getting so overwhelming and thats when I came across your e-book. I went through the whole book in one day and Im so excited to have some resources and tools to begin planning my life. This is exactly what I needed to get back on track. Thank you so much for putting in that time and effort to sharing with people worldwide what worked for you and your recipe for success. God Bless! 

  • Brelsonfaith

    I really appreciate this for it’s rooted on christian principles. Thanks

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  • Cocospeaks

    Thank you Michael for such a powerful resource. I’m in the midst of transitioning from a “stable 9 – 5″ to pursuing my passion – writing, speaking, coaching. This e-book is so timely. I was just praying for God to lead me to the right people and resources to help me move forward and I came across this book. I love how God works. Thanks for being obedient!!

    God Bless

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  • hamed

    Thanks a million Michael, this is valuable and encouraging

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  • Agbohlarry

    Failure to plan is planning to fail. So this e-book is a very precious gift. I recommend it to all serious mind worldw

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  • nelson onyenagbagha

    The e-book sent to my mail could not open. I was told the file is corrupt. Please how do i get it sent to me again?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You need to make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed. 99% of the time, this is the problem. Thanks.

  • Jennifer Manitowabi

    My husband and I would not have the life we do today without a plan. Awesome book so glad to have found it.

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  • Frank Eriksen

    Brother, you are in great hands. God is pruning you, little by little, for something big. Some call that intuition. Some call it Devine intervention. I call it the immaculate 2×4. The tree must be pruned to yield the most fruit. Hang in there. You’ve got a lot of life ahead.

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  • Rik Stegehuis

    Wow! This is exactly what I have been looking for! Again, proof that the Law of Attraction is working every single second of the day, be aware! Thanks much Michael, I will share your article with my membership community :)

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  • roshi

    “My dream came true!. I met with Brian in our last year of high school. On the effect that it is one of the most popular guys in college. Everybody wanted to be with him, and I thought: He is simply the me too! … until I contacted you. After 15 days I received a package Brian and I began a romantic relationship. looked at me, he cares about me, she loves me, and now we are dealing with.’m very positive that my relationship is safe for years to come. Due
    Sharon Burns. Houston, TX

  • linda cohen

    Linda Cohen. New York, NY.

    “After several years of marriage, David (my husband) and I are trying to have a baby. Away and we made all possible therapies without success. We also said that he would never be able to conceive a child …. then i contacted you. After a month , David and I got a new great that we parents. I have no words to thank you enough. due

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  • 振仰 王

    Hi, Michael,
    Thanks for providing this awesome material.
    I find it useful and practical to guide my life while I lose my vision in daily busy life.
    Can I translate this into Chinese so that I can share it with more people in Taiwan?
    Thank you.

    Tony Wang

    • Michael Hyatt

      No, I’m afraid not, Tony. I am contracted with a publisher to write a full-length version of this, which will be published sometime next year. Hopefully, they will sell the Chinese rights. Thanks.

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    Most physical therapists suggest stretching exercises in order to prevent injuries in physically active individuals as part of their warm-up exercises. We will review and discuss seven common stretching exercises that are helpful for the optimal nourishment of skeletal tissues and ligaments.

  • Cierra Seay

    This post is so old I’m hoping you’ll get this comment notification. My question is how many Action Plans do you recommend to tackle at one time? Do you continue to update your action plans or do you remove them once you feel like you’re at the point you wanted to be with that specific plan?

    • Michael Hyatt

      You essentially will have one action plan per life account. I update them once a quarter.

  • mermeid6

    When should you leave your job? Change careers? Take a risk? The writer shares his own personal story of career growth, describing an noticeable guiding force in each of the changes he has made.

  • Lynne Siebrits

    Michael, thank you very much for a fantastic E-book. I have just downloaded it and am planning to devour it step by step. Once I have worked through it I will let you know how it changed my life as I am sure it will. Kind regards, Lynne Siebrits

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    Some background Info on the Flat Fee MLS
    Listing model in Canada: In October 2010, the Competition Bureau and the
    Canadian Real Estate Association agreed to allow brokerages and licensees to
    offer varying levels of real estate service to clients at varying levels of
    fees/commission rates. With this announcement, several agents and businesses
    have launched services that aim to satisfy the needs of individuals who are
    looking to sell their homes using the MLS (it is estimated that in 90% of real
    estate transactions, the buyer and seller were brought together through the
    MLS) by wanting to take on a portion of the work that a Real Estate Agent would
    do in return for a reduced fee paid to their agent.

  • Philip Amiola

    I’m short of words to express how much this book means to me. For months now, I’ve been on a quest for just this kind of resource. More amazing is the fact that you made it available free of charge. Thank you again and again.

  • John

    You make plans then life happens.

  • Tom Southern

    There are so many thought-provoking and inspiring actions given in this book, but the one which sticks in my mind, and captures my thoughts at useful moments, is this: “The most important gift you can give your children is to love their mother.”

    Wow! If ever there was a piece of advice to knock me into shape, it’s this. I’m single and don’t have children, but the lesson learned is this: Love (and that goes with it) is nothing without respect and friendship.

    It’s a piece of advice I share with my male friends, some of whom don’t love their children’s mother (for one reason or another). Every man should get this instilled into him at an early age. How better the world would be.

  • Lorraine Marie Reguly

    Benny Hsu says the same things you do, and it’s good to know I am on the right track with everything. You just confirmed it!

    I think it’s nice that you give your information away for free, too.

    Thank you.

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    Michael, thank you again for a great tool/material/encouragement! I am at a point in my life when having a life plan is very important and makes you be real you.

    The e-book is designed in such user friendly way. Anyone using the e-book, just need to have a cup of coffee, pray, meditate and start writing.

    It is similar to Ministry plan, but I like that it starts with God. Although I would add what my spiritual father and mentor taught me years ago: God first in everything we do. So God first in family, God first in marketplace, God first in relationship and so on.

    Your post Wanted: Life Plan Examples for My New Book encouraged me to get down and write it and finish it and send you a copy. Wish and pray that you will have inspiration, encouragement and succes with the new book.

  • liz

    When I download the ebook I get a message that the Personal Life Plan pdf. containes a virus

    • Michael Hyatt

      Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed. The PDF is virus-free.

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    I am using your Excel spreadsheet but I am not able to make modifications. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am not sure. YOu might try saving it under a new name and re-opening.

      • Coach D

        OK I will try that I think if you did a training on how to do this you would get a great response. And I would say even charge $5 for people to watch the webinar. Passive income. You already know about that income stream. I am one of your biggest fans just finished Platform and applying everything you had in the book. And I have shared how great it is with others. Stay blessed

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    I love this e-book but I really wish it was in a kindle friendly format so I could read it there…

    • Michael Hyatt

      I am turning this into a major new traditional book. In fact, I spent a month away writing it. It will be available for sales in physical form and all the e-book formats in May of 2014. Thanks.

      • Caleb Storkey

        Well done Michael- looking forward to this!

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    I have current Adobe Reader. Downloaded Life Plan, but when I try to open it, I get an error message, ” Cannot open file.” Would like to read.

    Joe O’Neill

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      Hi, I’m Trivinia, MIchael’s assistant. I can get you a version of the .pdf you can use. Are you able to email me at so I can get you a good link?
      Look forward to hearing from you!

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    Hi Michael

  • Ramiro Ivan Aguilar Franco

    Hi Michael
    Im currently writing my own life plan, i just finished to write down the health account and im heading towards the growth account.
    My question is what does it mean exactly? Is it about academic growth , working on character flaws or is it about something else?
    Thanks in advance for your gentle answer.
    Keep the good work ,Michael. :-)

    • Michael Hyatt

      It’s really about anything you want. What do you want to become? What would be the best version of you in that area? Dream big!

  • Capt Rajesh Patankar India

    I thoroughly agree with Michael. If one understands the theory of cause and effect. Life is an open leaf and as long as a single day factored by age. Life cannot. be simply mail ordered from a store but has to be built on a daily basis without getting branded; it is full of surprises and influenced by the outside stimulus. Many people go through the process relying on the little knowledge gained during once upbringing; rather than getting a holistic understanding of the external stimulus. I mean people tend to be biased very easily. Life has to be felt to be understood and lived up to the brim. Lastly I liked the quote on self discipline. But human being falls prey to the temptations very easily if we resist them longer and keep putting them off until later we can be winner and remain away from harms way. I think the key to the life is provided to each individual by the creator however 80% of the people do not know where it is hidden one has to discover it by meditation.
    Capt Rajesh Patankar an inspired Soul.


    Micheal , i am thankful for message and i usually tell my friends to be creative , hardworking and life is what one makes as a person. I am working so hard to achieve a better life..

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    Thank you so much for providing these resources! I’m a 51 year old husband of 31 years, father of 3 kids 2 of which are married and 1 who just graduated last year, grandfather to a beautiful 4 year old grand daughter,. Church worship leader, school bus driver and have a summer landscaping job. I have spent my life wanting to accomplish many things but not knowing how to become successful at anything. I believe this will go a long way toward helping me to focus on what’s important. I’m very excited to start implementing this material in my life.

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    how does it works?
    I download a FREE ebook and all is there?

    • Michael Hyatt

      Yes, it is all in the download.

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    actually im reading it now at page 14 , but i’d like to say i’m very very highly spirited to continue cuz till now u’ve covered mostly evry simple thing i was thinking of couple of hours before finding ur ebook … thanks , and wait for my final feedback :D
    Best Regards ,

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    Michael, thank you for the e-book! I only recently went through a process where I created intent in my life. Your e-book is a great companion to address the areas where I still need to work on, with a huge emphasis on time management! I have a process in place to implement what you are promoting in your book. I guess the bottom line stays that if you want something enough you will take the time and put in the effort to get there. I am excited to apply these principles to my life, thank you for making this tool so easily available!

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    What a great tool and much needed as I seek to align my life with purpose and flow. I look forward to interacting with and learning more about how you live a purposeful life.

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    The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.

  • Mark Hoaglin

    Michael, I just completed the Life Plan and it is the best tool I have used for a personal road map and I have used many over the years. It truly made me focus on the things that are important in my life and drill down on the specific steps I need to take to get things done. Thank you.

    • Michael Hyatt

      Great! So good to hear.

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    Really interesting post and I can totally see how a bit of clarity in life would help you, but for me I think a life plan would stress me out so much! Life just doesn’t seem to go to plan does it…

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    Sunday morning 3 am. My wife and I attended a marriage-relationship weekend last week and are ready to move on into the future or our design. I googled “Life Plan Templates” and here I am. Like minded. Looking forward to sharing results. I am a corporate drop-out and current entrepreneur . Sure helps to know the plan and I like this is biblically based. Say AMEN somebody! Here we go…2014 and beyond!

    • Michael Hyatt

      Awesome, Tom. So glad you found your way here. Welcome.

  • Paul Greene


    I’ve felt lucky to have found you and your resources in the past week. You encouraged me to buckle down and write a book that was pent up inside me. It was an intense two day burst of focus like I’ve not seen out of me in years. Thank you for the inspiration. My industry peer group says they love the book and think its an awesome resource already.

    I read your Life Plan book and got a good deal out of it. One thing though that I find in my life is that it’s really hard to plan. In that I mean when you “Plan” you can tune yourself out to opportunity that might come in your direction because…….”that’s not in my Plan”. If, for example, I had had a plan, a month ago that had not included writing a book I would have been closed to your idea. Plans are great but what about the need to keep one’s radar up for exciting new ventures that you might otherwise not considered to be constantly vetting them as indoubtedly opportunity always comes knocking.



  • Lela Pinkard

    Mr. Hyatt, thank you for sharing this e-book on Creating Your Personal Life Plan. You are so very correct in your assessment that LIFE is short and that most people are just “existing”. My goal in life is to be remembered as a follower and doer of the WORD… remember : ONLY WHAT YOU DO FOR CHRIST WILL LAST. thanks again. Lela Pinkard

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    I really enjoyed this e-book. As a busy author and professor, I am always looking for ways to be more productive. I was blessed with some new perspective from reading this book. Thank you for sharing your insights with us.

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    Oh, my goodness, Michael. You have such an incredibly generous heart! Thank you, Thank you, for opening the door to the question I just asked and making it possible for me to help others more. Bless you!!!

    • Michael Hyatt

      You are welcome, Felicia!

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    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Jacqueline. I appreciate that.

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    Thank you. This is it. After so many years of famine, this is the answer, the map that has ferociously eluded me.

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    Michael, just wanted to tell you how incredible impacted I am by your work. My goal is to do excatly what you are doing for others and I have learned so much from you. I also have a passion for writing which probably made me biase towards you, LoL but you have helped me put life in better perspective to help other and I have also used West Bow to published my first book.

    God Bless you and hope to meet you one day.


    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks, Anthony. I appreciate your kind words.

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    Thank you michael for this wonderful book!
    Today, 1 of January 2014, is when I started to create my life plan!

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    • Michael Hyatt

      Thanks. I actually did that one myself.

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    Michael, Thank You! Just what I needed! Just when I needed it!

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    Thank you for being so generous with this information. I’m going to get started with setting appointments with myself to create my life plan, weekly and quarterly reviews.

    Wendy Clow

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    For me the reasons you advance for having a life plan, are the most touching. Thank you Michael. Just for those three reasons, I am developing the plan for my life and will keep it written.

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    thanks Michael. Just had a glance at the first few pages and this looks great – well done! I’ll be sure to drop by again when i’m done.

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  • Marbo

    Thank you so much for such a precious gift as this ebook . I was really very touched … The way we want to be remembered is a nice way to see our self from a distance , from another point of view . Thanks again , I’ll share it many times , I know many people need it a lot … :)

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    Hi Michael I really like the subtle distinction you make here. I too want to be remembered not missed


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    I cant find anywhere to download this book – is it still available anywhere? So glad I listened to a James Webmore podcast and heard your name!

    • Michael Hyatt

      I’m afraid it is not. We have retired it for now. I am working on a full life plan book, which will be published in 2015. Thanks.

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    If i want to purchase this,because it isn’t free anymore, how can i get it? I can’t find it on ebook format.


    • Michael Hyatt

      I am afraid it is no longer available. It will be available as a traditional book when that comes out next year.

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    Hi Michael, I know this is an old post, but I hope you’ll see this comment.

    I’m curious– what do you do with these old incentives? Do you monetize them? Compile them as an e-book for Amazon? I see that it says in the upper right that this is no longer an incentive… so then what DO you do with these old, great resources that used to be free?

    • Michael Hyatt

      In this case, I have written a complete book on the topic which will be out in 2016. You can read about it here. Thanks.

      • Jess Connell

        Perfect! We’ll look forward to reading it. Thanks for following up so quickly.

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